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9/11 & “American Exceptionalism”

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Published on: December 24, 2021

In the case of the 9/11 events, the evidence shows that, first, never before or after 9/11/2001, has a skyscraper with a steel structure collapsed due to a fire. Secondly, never before or after 9/11/2001, a skyscraper has collapsed on its own footprint except as the result of controlled demolition. This is why companies who do controlled demolition are paid large amounts of money to do their job.

If buildings, particularly buildings with a steel structure, could usually fall on their own footprint when demolished, these companies would be superfluous — but they are not. But CFR agents in the U.S. Government want us to believe that, exceptionally, on September 11 2001, not one, or two, but three skyscrapers with steel structure collapsed on their own footprint as the result of fires. Therefore, extrapolating from other verifiable information, any serious intelligence analyst would conclude that the accuracy of the information itself provided by the CFR agents in the U.S. Government could be fairly qualified as improbable.

Consequently, an intelligence appraisal of the 9/11 events will produce something like this: source not usually reliable, accuracy of the information improbable. For the same reasons, based on the evaluation of the information about the 9/11 events provided by the CFR agents in the U.S. Government, any intelligence service in the world can easily decode it as a sloppy, disingenuous attempt to pass disinformation disguised as true intelligence.

The fact that the 9/11 events served as a God-given pretext to carry out policies decided way in advance is a true index that perhaps it actually was not a God-given but a CFR-given one. As some conspirators’ agents have shamelessly declared, never let a good crisis go to waste —particularly an artificially-created crisis.

Moreover, in the case of the 9/11 events, the evidence shows that never before, nor 20 years after 9/11/2001, a skyscraper with a steel-framed structure has collapsed due to a fire, however severe.

Examples abound:

July 28, 1945: A B-25 bomber crashed against the Empire State Building in Manhattan, destroying most of the 79th floor. Flames consumed most of three floors down to the 75th. But the building, the tallest New York skyscraper at the time, did not collapse.

August 5, 1970: 1 New York Plaza, a 50-story office tower, suffered a severe fire and explosion. But it didn’t collapse.

May 4, 1988: The First Interstate Bank Building is a 62-story skyscraper in Los Angeles that suffered the worst high-rise fire in the city’s history. But the building didn’t collapse.

February 23, 1991: One Meridian Plaza, a 38-floor skyscraper in Philadelphia, suffered a severe fire. Philadelphia officials later described it as “the most significant fire in this century.” But the building did not collapse.

October 17, 2004: The tallest skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela experienced a severe fire. The building did not collapse.

February 12, 2005: A violent fire started in the Windsor building in Madrid, Spain, a 32-story tower. At its peak, the fire, which burned for almost a day, completely engulfed the upper ten stories of the building. During the night the building shredded large pieces, which crashed to the ground, but the building did not collapse.

February 9, 2009: a fire destroyed the nearly completed structure of the Beijing Mandarin Oriental Hotel. But, despite the fact that the fire extended across all of the floors for a period of time and burned out of control for hours, no large portion of the 520-foot-tall building collapsed.

November, 2010: An apartment building in Shanghai caught fire and 53 people died. It burned for more than four hours. The building did not collapse.

April 2, 2112: A violent fire engulfed the still under construction Russian Federation tower, the tallest- to-be building in Moscow. After many hours, the firefighters extinguished it. The building did not collapse.

April 3, 2013: A 40-story skyscraper in Grozny, Chechnya caught fire. Flames engulfed the building for many hours, but it didn’t collapse.

February 20, 2015: A fire ripped through the 86-floor Torch tower in Dubai — one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. The building did not collapse.

July 30, 2017: The Grenfell Tower, a 47-floor skyscraper in London caught fire. The fire burned for 12 hours, about four times longer than the WTC towers and was totally destroyed, but the building didn’t collapse.

Also, on September 11, 2001, United Airlines Flight 93, one of the allegedly highjacked planes, crashed into an open field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, killing all passengers and crew members. According to the official information, the crash was so violent that everything was pulverized into a thin dust. Not a single part of the plane was found. Even the plane’s engines, which had some titanium parts, were not found. This is something exceptionally unique in the history of aviation.

Moreover, it tells much about who really is in power in America, the fact that, adding insult to outrage, the conspirators ordered their puppet George W. Bush to appoint Henry Kissinger as head of the commission to investigate the 9/11 events. On the other hand, however, perhaps Kissinger was the right choice for the job. The whitewash to cover one of the greatest criminal actions committed by the CFR conspirators against the American people undoubtedly required the help of one of the conspirators’ greatest criminal minds.

All the initial information the American people received about the 9/11 events came from a single source: the American government. With the single exception of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who since the very beginning questioned the U.S. Government’s version of the events, nobody in the two branches of the Repucratic Party questioned it. The American mainstream media as a whole accepted the Government’s version of the events and became an obedient mouthpiece parroting it over and over ad nauseam. Actually, the only dissenting source of information about 9/11 has been the Internet and books published by minor independent presses.

Most patriotic Americans believe in America’s exceptionalism, which I think is a great thing. For many years, the freedom Americans enjoyed was something truly exceptional. Nevertheless, I don’t think that the exceptional 9/11 events are something to be proud of.

Article posted with permission from  Servando Gonzalez

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