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9-Year-Old Girl Rescues Woman Lying Face Down in Pool

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Published on: May 24, 2017

Good news stories are often amazing stories.  Such is the case with a 9-year-old girl at a hotel in Breman, Georgia on Sunday afternoon.

Ellie Austin is 9 years old.  She was at the Hampton Inn in Breman, Georgia on Sunday and had gone down to the pool.  According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Austin and another woman were the only ones at the pool at the time.

The other woman was lying face down in the water and Austin believed she was doing the “dead man float.”

“She was right here and I was right there and I went underwater because we have diving toys and then I came back up, and she was doing the dead man float,” said Ellie Austin.

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Little Ellie thought the woman was playing a joke until she swam up under her and saw her face.

“I saw her face, said Austin.  “Her tongue was bleeding a little and her face was purple.  Then I flipped her over to let her breathe and she was groaning like moaning and then I dragged her.”

The 9-year-old pulled the woman to the stairs of the pool and then ran inside to get help.

“I don’t think we had time to think, Brandon immediately jumped in the water,” said hotel employee Jennifer Sapp.

They helped get the woman out of the water and believe the woman had a seizure.  They then called 911.

“She blinked a few times, then she went back to sleep, but the water was just pouring out of her face, out of her nose, and her ears, everything. She was awake, but not alert by the time paramedics got here,” said Sapp.

“If Ellie had not flipped her over before she came in the building, I’m certain she would have drowned because she was gasping air from the seizure, so she would have just been sucking water the entire time,” Sapp added.

Though the woman was much bigger than the 9-year-old girl, the water added a significant benefit to Austin helping the woman, but she went further than what could be seen.

“If I knew God wasn’t with me, I wouldn’t have done it,” said Austin.

Amen!  Well, this little superhero was honored by the staff at the hotel for her quick thinking, bravery and compassion for a fellow guest.  On Monday, the hotel staff gave her a “superhero” certificate, flowers and a teddy bear.

Well done, Ellie! Your parents must be thrilled to have raised you, and I’m sure there is a certain woman who is grateful for you aid to her.

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