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A Brave New World: Christian Sexual Revolution

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Published on: March 24, 2015

Contraception as biological technology made it much more convenient to separate sex and love.  That is, it removed, for many, the motive to love someone before taking the risk of conceiving a child with them.  When the risk of conceiving is low, inhibitions are lowered; sex, by degree, is separated from both love and marriage.  The purpose of contraception, as the technology of the sexual revolution, was to make sex recreational; to strip it of moral significance.

Abortion then further separates sex from love and commitment by becoming the backstop for the technical failures of contraception. 

The technical possibility of manufacturing babies by bringing together any anonymous sperm and egg in the laboratory offers the opportunity, in principle, to the state, and to individual women and men, or couples of any stripe, to essentially order up a baby, separating the family from conception and even child rearing.  In this case there is little left of the traditional concept of the family.

There is nothing new about any of these points of course, but there may something somewhat new in the growing disaffection of some women with birthing their children in spiritually sterile hospitals under the influence of drugs which rob them of the ecstatic sense of revelation that some of them report during and after natural child birth.  You will have to research this for yourself, but I am under the impression that there is less postpartum depression among this group of women.

Child birth with its pain and joy has always been a metaphor for every arduous act of creation, including God’s.  I would not pretend to be able to imagine what it must be like to issue forth with a human life, in all of its mystery.  The whole process is essentially metaphysical, beyond comprehension.  A new person arrives on the scene through the medium of the woman.  Once, God himself, was sent into the world the same way.  And each arrival is made in his image.  Apparently the sense of fulfillment this brings many women is stolen from others by the modern emphasis on making the birthing process subject to medical experts who often steal it altogether by cutting the baby out of the womb even while the mother may still be able to push it into the world naturally. 

Why and how could all of this medical technique for separating child birth from love, marriage, family, and finally from the woman’s body altogether, be tolerated unless the culture this occurs in believes that the biology of love and child bearing has no meaning?  In the Christian tradition human biology is literally a medium for creating the family, where the family is God’s greatest spiritual creation — the one He dies for and is resurrected to preserve.  What he is out to create is His family.  God creates the universe in order to populate it with children.  They are born and then reborn through his designs.  Human biology has a clear teleology, a purpose, a meaning.  When its true meaning, the one established by God, is realized, the results are happy, if not ecstatic.  The process starts with ecstasy and ends with it for good reason.

In his dystopian novel, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, in the first half of the twentieth century, is already demonstrating an advanced understanding of what happens when human biology has no meaning in a modern world where science is separated from the Christian understanding of Reality — from any recognition of teleology, of biological goals.  The latter are dismissed as metaphysical objects (even though particles, force, energy, time in itself, space in itself, causality, are all metaphysical objects).  Modern science, rooted in a religious dogma of its own, insists that meaning is not observable.  But this may mean little more than that scientists are unwilling to observe it.

In the Brave New World Christians are considered savages and are kept on reservations.  They are so savage they engage in traditional family life, including sex and natural child birth.  In the ‘civilized’ world, the children are all test tube babies, raised by the state.  In the Brave New World nature, human biology, is dead, passé.  It is the most powerful threat to the power of the state.  It is impossible to get people to live for the state when the state of nature makes them primarily devoted to their spouse and their children.  And so the natural meaning of sexual biology does appear to be observed by the state scientists.  And they can see how dangerous it is to their power.  The secular state is anti-sex.  It is out to destroy sex as the primary source of emotional intimacy, the family, and politically incorrect loyalties.  The state must establish a system in which sex is still experienced, but completely separated from its natural function and traditional meaning.  This separation cannot be completed until sex is in fact experienced as meaningless, as separated from its otherwise natural familial functions. 

There is a fascinating section in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations in which he points out that the famous Jastrow drawing demonstrates how we do not view a third thing — some squiggle which is neither a duck or a rabbit — as a duck or rabbit.  No.  When we switch on the rabbit concept we just see the rabbit, not something else as a rabbit.  And so on for the duck.  The duck and the rabbit are very real aspects of one reality where we can choose to see or not to see.  Seeing it is objective.  What we have enabled by choosing to turn on a conceptual perspective is an experience of practical reality, not an experience of that reality as something which it is not in some intrinsic sense.  This provides not only a foundational description of existentially (practically) apprehended human freedom (where even if all of our subsequent behavior is determined there seems to be pure, arbitrary free will in seeing one aspect or another of practical reality) but an explanation of how the purposes of human biology are perfectly real and experienced (the family as a natural phenomenon, an irrepressible goal of human life) while secularists and tyrants claim it is not observable (refuse to observe it).  Christians are unthreatened by seeing both the very natural, mechanical aspects of human biology which sometimes makes sterile and disappointing intervention necessary, and its obvious purposes.  The anti-human, anti-sex statists, refuse to apprehend any but one aspect of human sexual biology — its brute mechanisms.  And so we have entirely different understandings of what sex really is.  Secularists are anti-sex because they will not tolerate the moral complexity which is inherent in human sexuality.  They will not accept sex for what it really is — a morally profound process leading to the family.

The time has come for an explicit Christian sexual counterrevolution.  It has already started in the abstinence movement which is an attempt to reassert the God-given meaning of sex.  It may be helpful to stop calling it the “abstinence” movement because it is not about abstinence, but about realizing the value and meaning of sex.  It is about saving sex by reserving it for marriage.  Only Christians, rooted in the creation doctrine, could have such enthusiasm for real sex while the statists, pornographers, and scientists disdain it as being no more significant than a handshake or a bowel movement. 

The philosophical and theological cornerstone of this Christian sexual revolution is that we will no longer tolerate modern dissimulation — this notion that the moral purpose of sexual biology is not observable.  We observe it just fine.  And we will now do whatever it takes, including deconstructing the whole secular anti-sex establishment, to reestablish the widespread consciousness of the meaning and purpose of our sexual biology.  We will have to destroy the government schools in order to save sex.  And we will have to destroy anti-teleological science as nothing more than a competing tradition enjoyed by a tyrannical government engaged in state sponsored terrorism against the unborn.  State terrorism and mass murder is the outcome of rejecting the natural, observable purposes of sex and child-bearing — the creation of families and all of their moral, emotional, and economic benefits. 

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