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A Concerned Citizen’s Letter To President Trump

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Published on: August 11, 2019

The following letter was submitted and the author asked to remain anonymous. We are happy to print the letter in its entirety in hopes that not only the public reads it and responds, but also that President Trump reads it and corrects this behavior.

Dear President Trump,

I am writing this letter today to express the loss of words and confusion that some of your strongest supporters are feeling after this week. Mr. President, the Democrat Party has long been attacking conservatives as racists, white supremacists and hateful extremists. In fact, a report issued by President Obama’s DHS secretary lists veterans, Americans concerned about an infringement against their second amendment rights and people opposed to immigration as being potential threats to national security. The ACLU lists everyone who is not of left-wing Marxist ideology as a hate group. We have seen people like Jussie Smollett stage fake hate crimes in order to discredit your supporters. That man was of such low character that he had no concern over the potential consequences he would unleash. President Trump, your supporters are not threats to national security, white supremacists, terrorists or racist bigots. They are hard-working Americans who follow the law, love their country and had an honest, sincere belief that you would do all the things you promised. Including protecting law-abiding Americans rights to bear arms.

Mr. President, your calling for red-flag laws is concerning. The Democrat Party has demonstrated repeatedly the ability and desire to destroy the lives of anyone who stands in their way. This was demonstrated with their relentless attack against you concerning Russian collusion and their allegations against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. I find it very hard to believe that you would strike any kind of deal with a political party that has attacked you in the manner the Democrats have. Your supporters, America’s conservatives, veterans and gun owners stood by you through the worse of these times and regrettably, it is these people who stand to suffer the greatest consequences of red flag laws. I understand the need to do something in the wake of all the violence. It leaves a gaping hole in all our hearts. Creating a law that enables anyone to label you a threat when there is so much vitriol against the conservative ideology is not the answer. Mr. President, it is the people who supported you and elected you that are the real victims of hate in this country. There are no doubts that red-flag laws will be used to target people simply for their beliefs. I urge you to reconsider this. I would also like to remind you that many states in the country, like California, have reds flag laws and yet, murder continues to happen. An honest assessment of gun laws and murder rates in the country would lead anyone to believe that laws do not prevent people from committing murder. The fear that decent law-abiding people are empowered to fight back however, just may.

President Trump, you also mentioned something about creating a social media surveillance system? Again, Mr. President, it is your supporters who are now suffering censorship from these companies. People online expressing any support for you are being targeted and censored under the claim that what they are saying is hate speech. The same people that cry racist every time someone disagrees with them on politics are the same people that will attempt to red flag someone just because they are offended. President Trump, what exactly is it that you are thinking here? Your job is to defend liberty, not limit it.

I would also like to address the issue of mental health. I am by no means an expert however I have done my fair share of research. There is plenty of evidence which exists suggesting that the drugs prescribed in mental health treatment are causing the violent behavior in these shooters Mr. President. This evidence is being completely ignored. Also, who defines what constitutes a mental disorder? There was an article published in an academic journal labeling people of conservative ideology as mentally ill because of their opposition to illegal immigration. 

Finally, I would like to address the recent report issued by the FBI claiming conspiracy theorists are the new threat to national security. They mention the Q phenomenon. While I never bought into any of that it is your supporters, again, that are being targeted here. This is the same FBI President Trump that removed all references of Islamic terrorism from their training manuals. So, Americans are now the new terrorists? This is the same FBI that refused to indict Hillary Clinton for verifiable crimes and aided in the attempts to accuse you of Russian collusion. 

Mr. President, universal background checks, gun bans, and red flag laws will do nothing to stop those with murder and hate in their heart from killing. What they will do is make the decent law-abiding citizen that believes in the civil society helpless against those that do not value life. While law enforcement is busy responding to bogus red flag calls, the real murderers will still be committing their crimes. You have no way of knowing if confiscating the firearms from an individual will prevent any crime. Nobody wants dangerous people to have firearms but the dangerous people willing to commit murder will not be deterred by societies laws Mr. President. That is why you need to defend the second amendment. 


A Concerned Citizen

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