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#ClintonBodyCount Trended On Twitter After Epstein “Suicide” Due To Trump & 84,000 – Twitter Shut It Down

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Published on: August 11, 2019

Terrence Williams got a retweet from the President on Saturday as #ClintonBodyCount trended on Twitter, following news of Jeffrey Epstein’s bizarre suicide.

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The powers that be at Twitter decided that they did not want #ClintonBodyCount to trend and called forth their vast army of bots to try to get #TrumpBodyCount to take its place.

Here’s more from Jim Hoft:


ABC 7 says he died by SUICIDE!

The 66-year-old financier was hospitalized in July after he was found unresponsive in what appeared to be a possible suicide attempt.

In July Epstein was found injured and in a fetal position inside his cell at a New York City jail.

He was reportedly put under suicide watch.

On Saturday he reportedly hanged himself.

Within an hour #ClintonBodyCount was trending on Twitter.

By noon the #ClintonBodyCount hashtag had over 84,000 mentions.

So Twitter took it down.

It was too damaging to the Clintons and Democrat Party.

Trump Body Count… That makes no sense — was still up despite having less than a third number of mentions as the Clinton hashtag.

Several TGP readers are telling us the #ClintonBodyCount hashtag was deleted from the trending list this afternoon.


How convenient.

Trump can release his social media executive order at any time now.

We need it.

Here are some other 2019 inductees into the Clinton Body Count club:

Just because the Clintons are out of elected office, it does not mean they are out of business.

If they kill everyone they know, they will be in the clear.

They can’t kill them all in one day, however, so stay tuned and remain patient.

Why would the Clintons want to kill Jeffrey Epstein? I don’t know but here are some ideas:

They should have listened to Ann Coulter:

Epstein was a bad man who probably deserved any horrible fate that might have come his way.

What remains to be seen is if any justice at all comes to the victims of his horrendous criminal enterprise.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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