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A Hijacked Education System

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Published on: August 7, 2021

For many Americans it is clear that our education system has been hijacked, from the teaching of social justice ideology, educating children on subjects in a way that not only causes frustration but distorts the truth, inserting an overlay of social and emotional learning that is superior to learning information that every child needs to succeed, and creating a milieu of educators who have been taught they are assessors of every child’s mental health status, and in many cases moral compass.  And the earlier your child can be captured, the better.

It is clear that the so called globalists, those who believe we are one world, have decided they are the only ones who hold the truth and their plan is taking our children into that world they have planned.  Sadly, many in the education field, and government, have adopted this delusion.  Perhaps the strongest leaders in this endeavor are the World Economic Forum (WEF) in partnership with the United Nations (UN).  Both are heavily embedded with global corporations.

Through his involvement as Vice Chair in the Western Governors Association (WGA), Governor Little is all on board with the WGA education agenda.  This agenda falls under the categories of workforce and economic development as the workforce needs to be developed for the future economy, but it is all tied together.

In May, 2021 the WGA launched their Western Prosperity Roundtable (WPR).  This is an initiative for western governors to promote their pet projects like electric vehicles, connectivity, broadband, being better buddies with the federal government, and a host of other issues.  Also on the list are workforce and economic development, “…building a more vibrant regional economy through the expansion of training and education opportunities for high demand, good paying careers.” and “…closing the skills gap for workers in critical sectors with fast-growing demand.”

A panel was convened to discuss Education and Training for a Rapidly Changing Economy.  Panel members included members from Community Colleges, State Workforce Agencies, Iron Workers International, and a State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board.  That Board mentioned that jobs don’t exist for today’s kindergartners so an education should be provided for them to adapt and pivot to those non-existent jobs.  Now there’s a statement that sends a chill up the back.  “Human Capital” is seen as the most important resource, that means your child, and being provided  “career connected learning”.

If there was ever any doubt that America will be forced into a green energy economy the beginning of this video solidifies that this will happen as they discuss the need for an education system that provides the future workforce that meets the demands of this new technology in wind and solar.  From that, panel members spewed the talking points of the WEF such as digital divide, access, and even hinting at the Reimagining Education mantra.  Also confirmed is that a virtual education is here to stay.  True, whatever virus it takes to keep kids on the computer.

In general, the education system is being revamped for corporate technological advances.  Programs aren’t developed for students with or without a specific career in mind, children are being assessed and groomed at an early age for future employment.  While corporate technologies have focused on an education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), the WEF decided that wasn’t holistic enough and expanded education to include social, financial, interpersonal skills, and ethics for a “conscientious citizen”.  In order for all of this to work sufficiently it means “aligning the data systems” among workforce development programs across states which would require national policies and direct funding for colleges to work with businesses and solidify the need for training.  Labor market demands would drive the direction of education systems.

For those poor souls who get booted from their soon to be extinct job, a “reskillingeducation will be provided for them.  This also falls in line with concerns about job loss from the Green New Deal.  No biggie, you will be taught to do something else, whether you want it or not.

In Idaho, the Idaho State Board of Education (ISBOE) uses its own circumlocution about the subject in its mission statement.  Improve quality of life, enhance global competitiveness, provide service programs to meet personal and professional needs, collaborate and cooperate.  What a bunch of bull cocky.  What does any of it even mean?  Every statement spouted  by these panel members is fully supported by the ISBOE.

It is said our Founders deliberately designed government to be closest to the people.  School boards are elected by the people but even they have been invaded by an unelected association in which Idaho belongs.  There are 117 school districts in Idaho, and all are under the ISBOE thumb.  If ISBOE decides the agenda and direction of education, how can parents at a local level demand that agenda is not exercised?  Clearly children are being taken in a direction that serves a global corporate world with all of the psychological manipulation that accompanies it.

As we watch America’s foundation being hijacked for a world that is the antithesis of what our Republic stands for, so is the same for the future through our children.  America is being destroyed, it is time to stop sitting by and watching it happen.  It is ok to stand up and say no.

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