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 A ‘Planned-Demic’

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Published on: March 23, 2020

I’ve put off compiling this message as long as I could.  But I can wait no longer.  Today is Sunday, March 22, and I’m astounded how the world has changed in just a week’s time!  Actually, it’s been coming for a while now.

A couple of months ago, we began to see images coming out of Wuhan, China — a mega-city of 11 million people — that were shocking and horrific.  People being rounded up by officials in haz-mat suits, grabbed off the street, thrown into vans and taken away.  Other videos showed people falling over dead in the streets from this “Coronavirus.”  YouTube videos, taken by people living in Wuhan, showed how the entire city was completely locked down — people forced to stay in their homes.  Several videos I saw showed officials actually welding the doors shut on apartment buildings, to keep the occupants trapped inside.  Aerial views of Wuhan depicted a giant mega-city completely devoid of people — a literal “ghost town.”

Reports out of China told of how thousands had already died of the virus, their bodies quickly incinerated to stop the spread of the disease.  A couple of weeks ago, we learned that 40 new “mobile crematoriums” were in place — and a gigantic “hospital” for the sick was built from scratch and put into operation in only ten days.

Indeed the news was grim.  “But such a thing could NEVER happen here,” I thought.  “It would take a lot more than just a ‘virus’ for anything like that to happen here…”  But again, how the world has changed in just a few days.  As Americans, we were concerned about those stricken with the illness in China, those trapped in their homes, those hauled off by police, never to see their families again.  “This is bad,” we thought.  “But it could never happen here.”  And we went on with our lives, because it HADN’T happened here, so it didn’t really affect us — yet.  And there were questions as to how much of what we were seeing in the mainstream press and on YouTube was really true.  After all, we’ve seen the media choreograph “fake news” time and time again to push an agenda.  So we “felt the pain” of the Chinese people, but life went on here, as usual.

This past weekend was our annual Wisconsin Christian News Ministry Expo and Conference, held on Friday and Saturday.  It was a wonderful gathering of “eyes-wide-open” Christians yearning to hear the truth.  A couple of days prior to the start of our event, I began getting phone calls from people planning to attend, asking me if I was going to cancel due to the news stories coming from the mainstream media regarding the coronavirus.  These calls continued right up to the day we began — I must have had at least a hundred of them — and everyone who contacted me was greatly encouraged when I told them “No, we will go forward as planned!”  Many great testimonies came out of our event — some, nothing short of miraculous — as the Holy Spirit of God truly was with us all during that time.

But prior to — and in the midst of our Conference — the mainstream media stories started to get more and more intense.  Government officials, at both the state and federal levels, began issuing directives telling everyone to avoid any large gatherings of 250 people or more.  On Friday afternoon, President Trump issued a national “State of Emergency” because of the virus.

By Sunday afternoon, officials began closing things down… issuing orders for people to “self-quarantine” in their homes.  Before long we were told to avoid places where TEN or more people were gathered.

Monday morning brought even more serious government orders.  Businesses were ordered to close their doors.  In fact, the public shopping mall where we held our event closed on Monday “for the foreseeable future.”  Restaurants were ordered to close, except for drive-through, carryout or delivery.  By Monday afternoon, just about all public venues had shut down — schools, stores, offices, restaurants, hotels, libraries, government offices, banks — even medical facilities, except for emergencies.

And on Monday morning, though I did not really have the time to do it, I thought it would be prudent to restock our emergency supplies, so I went to Sam’s Club.  The store was in chaos:  shoppers and workers wearing rubber gloves and face masks, RACING through the aisles, pushing and shoving one another.  And of course, as we have seen nation-wide, hoarding toilet paper.

Soon there was talk of shutting down inter-state travel (something that has not happened — yet).  And in just the past few days, several mega-cities have been put on strict lockdown, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Las Vegas.  People have been ORDERED to stay in their homes (something I see no way to enforce short of all-out martial law).  Indeed, so far— as of today — three entire states are locked down: New York, California and Illinois.  That’s about 70 million people, with more states soon to follow suit.  This means that gatherings of ANY size are now banned in these states and people must remain in their homes, except for those with “essential jobs,” and errands such as buying groceries, medicine or going to the doctor.

As I write this message, air travel is still in operation, but the airline industry is on life-support.  One of the speakers at our conference flew in from across the country and his trip HERE was a typical flight — but on his flight HOME he was one of only six people on the airplane.  You can now fly from Wisconsin to California for only $39.

The immediate result of this pandemic scare has been to cripple the world economy.  The markets have crashed, worldwide.  To illustrate just how serious the government is about this now, they actually moved “tax day” from April 15th to July 15th.  Imagine THAT.

I get news from a wide range of sources.  In fact, because of the work I do, I’m “plugged in” to the news just about 24/7.  But this past Tuesday night I turned on the TV news to see what the mainstream media had to say.  The President was giving a press conference along with a multitude of health officials.  That day, several states held elections for the Democratic presidential primaries.  At the bottom of the screen, they were scrolling through the results of those elections, showing Joe Biden had a huge lead over Bernie Sanders.

At first, I thought to myself, “Well, good, at least even the Democrats aren’t buying into Bernie’s plan  of socialism for America.”  But then immediately I realized the President and his advisors were talking about sending everyone in America a check for $1000, with more checks to be issued periodically in the coming months, at least through October.  The press conference went on to talk about how the GOVERNMENT was going to do everything possible to take care of us all.  So while we were all busy being distracted by the “left hand” of the threat of socialism coming from the Democrats, the “right hand” of BOTH parties was now TELLING US socialism is basically here already — and NECESSARY — because of the current “crisis.”  After all, they certainly couldn’t let a perfectly good crisis “go to waste,” and indeed they won’t.

Let me say right now that I am NOT downplaying the seriousness of this virus.  Yes, there IS a coronavirus out there and it IS affecting people, and people ARE dying from it.  However, as you have heard multiple times before this, from a great many other sources, THOUSANDS more people die from the flu each year than have died from this virus.  “Coronavirus,” by the way is common — the common cold is a “coronavirus.”  This one is more serious, no doubt.  But let’s get some perspective, because our government and media, I believe, has “hyped” this for a specific agenda.

Consider this:  82,000 people are sick with Coronavirus at the moment, of which 77,000 are in China, which has a population of over 1.1 billion. This means that if you are not in or haven’t recently visited China, this should eliminate 94% of your concern.  If you do contract Coronavirus, this still is not a cause for panic because: 81% of the cases are MILD; 14% of the cases are MODERATE and only 5% of the cases are CRITICAL.  This means that even if you do get the virus, you are most likely to recover from it.

This coronavirus, or COVID-19 has a fatality rate of only 2%, and looking at the ages of those who are dying, the death rate for the people UNDER 50 years of age is only 0.2%.  This means that if you are under 50 years of age and don’t live in China, you are more likely to win the lottery (which has a 1 in 45,000,000 chance).  Indeed, on any given day, more people die from cancer, heart disease and diabetes than from COVID-19.  What’s more, on any given day, suicide takes 28 TIMES more lives than the virus.  Again, I am not saying there is NO virus, or that it’s all a hoax, or that we need not be concerned.  But let’s get some perspective on it, rather than react out of fear as the governments of the world and our mainstream media would prefer.

I also have a few questions.  Government and health officials, while virtually closing down all commerce, crashing the economy, and locking people down in their homes, have told us to avoid crowds of ten or more people.  In some places, such gatherings are forbidden now, by “law.”  But why, then, do we see all the government and health officials gathered together, standing shoulder to shoulder (so they can all get on-camera) during their daily press conferences?  Why don’t they speak one at a time, keeping the “mandatory” 6-feet-apart distance from one another?  Where are THEIR rubber gloves and masks?  I’m just asking.

Also, are you aware of a thing called “Event 201?”  If not, I think you’ll find this interesting, and I ENCOURAGE you to research it out for yourself.  In October of 2019 — just five months ago, and just a month before the first case of COVID-19 appeared — The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum hosted (quote) “a high-level pandemic exercise” in New York.  This event included CEOs of major corporations, health officials, UN officials and government leaders.

This was a SIMULATION of a world-wide pandemic, to study how such a catastrophe would impact the world economically and socially.  This “study,” incidentally, was paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  And INTERESTINGLY, the TYPE of pandemic that was studied was a CORONAVIRUS.  Yes.  Research it for yourself.  It’s called “Event 201.”  It’s also interesting that the first suspected case in the United States popped up on February 1st in New York City: on 2 (the second month) and 1 (the first day of the month).  It is ALSO interesting that many of the CEOs present at this exercise (including Bill Gates) have since resigned their positions.  In fact, there has been a record number of CEOs of MANY corporations, including Microsoft, Disney, Pepsico and hundreds of others that have resigned since Event 201.  I don’t believe any of these things are coincidence.

We’ve been told this is a “pandemic.”  Indeed it HAS absolutely affected the whole world.  But I believe — and this is my own personal opinion now — that it’s not so much a PANDEMIC as it is a PLANNED-DEMIC!

Never before have such draconian measures been taken to combat a virus.  Remember, the flu takes many more lives each year than this COVID-19 has, or will.  Take just one city, for example: New York… 9 million people and 38 (yes, thirty-eight) have tested positive for the virus.  (Not DIED from it, just tested positive.  Statistically, they will all recover).   They’re locking down a city of 9 MILLION because of 38 positive tests?  This is NOT normal, folks.  And I do not believe it’s about a virus.

I believe the end goal is to utterly destroy the world economy and lock us all down completely in order to usher in a new One World Government or New World Order, starting with a new one-world currency.  How that will end up looking, I’m not sure, but surely we will find out soon.  But it IS interesting that they chose a “virus” with which to lock us all down.  They needed a disaster, but it had to be a WORLD-WIDE disaster.  A “9/11” event wouldn’t impact the whole world.  Such a disaster is also too messy and too costly.  A “virus,” on the other hand is a “boogeyman.”  You can’t see it, you can’t smell, feel or touch it.  But you CAN FEAR IT — IF you believe what the government and mainstream media tell you about it.  Remember: we only see what they WANT us to see, and there is always an agenda.  The vast majority of so-called “news” from the mainstream press is mere “theater” to mold our minds to their liking.

At the outset of this year, I told you that 2020 was going to be a time of chaos, confusion, division and trouble.  But I had NO IDEA things would get this bad this quickly.  I may be wrong, but I predict that before long, our entire nation will be under martial law and complete lockdown while a financial “reset” takes place.  The business and economic sectors of our nation have been destroyed, just as surely as the Twin Towers were left in rubble on 9/11.  Now, we wait — most of us locked in our homes, plugged in to our flat screen propaganda machines.  Only God knows what is coming next.  Me?  I hope it’s the Lord, to tell you the truth.

By the way, both my wife and I HAVE ALREADY HAD this virus, I’m pretty sure.  We were both sick with all the symptoms they tell us COVID-19 produces.  But we were sick, then we got better and that was that.  And that’s how it will be for all but a very few “at risk’ people with already-compromised immune systems.

Meanwhile, some advice:  use common sense.  Wash your hands.  Build your immune system so you have a defense against this.  I’d also advise you to stock up on food and supplies, because this storm may well last for many months.  Some have said that even in a best-case scenario, it’s going to take a decade to recover from the damage that’s already been done.  Personally, I don’t think things will ever go back to what we used to call “normal.”

I would also advise you to prepare yourselves spiritually, because while the EFFECTS  of all this are seen in the physical realm, never forget this is a SPIRITUAL battle as the enemy’s forces attack God and His angels and saints.  And finally, as we see things get worse and grow darker in this world around us, remember this is not our home, but we ARE to occupy until our Lord returns, and be about His business.  Always be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks for the hope that you have in Christ Jesus.  The lost world will be looking to US for answers very soon now, so we must remain calm, always remembering that we have NOT been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  May you have the peace that passes all understanding today, even in the midst of chaos.  God bless you.

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