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ABC’s Good Morning America Reports COVID-19 Causes “COVID Toe” – No, Really, They Did!

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Published on: April 22, 2020

Americans are becoming angry, protesting at state capitols around the country against continued “stay at home” in lockdown orders.  Many governors are beginning to open their states in accordance with the plan released by the White House.   Right on cue, an ABC Good Morning America segment highlighted a medical report given by their expert claiming that the coronavirus/COVID-19 can cause skin conditions.  One, they are calling “COVID toe.”

Yes, you heard that right.  But, according to their expert, there are more skin conditions and a rather serious illness that one can get with this COVID-19.

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Anyone who has been following the information at Sons of Liberty Media knows this virus is an exosome, cannot be transmitted, and the media and government have created this gigantic hoax surrounding this virus, which has a mortality rate similar to influenza at 0.1%, to implement an agenda.  Now that people are waking up and protests have started questioning governors’ orders and “experts” providing information to the governors, the lamestream government-controlled entertainment enemedia has to provide an additional fear factor to get the people “back in line”.  Not only is this doctor peddling this coronavirus can cause unsightly, uncomfortable skin conditions, she is claiming it can cause an increase clotting of the blood that resulted in a Broadway performer losing his leg.

She actually said all of this with a straight face.  However, with the CDC and other entities coercing doctors to falsify death certificates, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to say these doctors are being instructed to go one step further to attribute any condition appearing in conjunction with the virus as being an additional symptom of the virus.  Doctors are not looking for the “root cause” of these skin conditions nor the idiopathic blood clotting issue appearing in some individuals with this exosome, but are assigning the coronavirus/COVID-19 as producing these ailments as additional symptoms.

It’s the perfect move to get people to accept additional infringements upon their liberties, further destroy the middle class, and obliterate the US economy.  No proof was given except anecdotal evidence that this coronavirus caused these conditions, but ending with someone having their leg amputated is the crescendo to produce fear and alarm.

The question is, “Are Americans going to submit based on 20% of individuals having skin conditions with coronavirus and that information being based almost entirely on the Italian State’s information?”

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