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After Getting $1B in Fed Cash, Hospital Let Schumer’s Wife Go Ahead of Sicker Patients

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Published on: December 24, 2022

“As sicker patients were treated in the hallway, the couple were ushered into Room 20.”

The New York Times had an article on a VIP room at NYU’s ER. Society is full of VIP rooms. Some are openly touted, while others are secret and known largely to the staff. Hospitals obviously have them.

But this scene is revealing of the hypocrisy behind all the calls for socialized medicine and equal treatment.

Whatever commitment Senate Majority Leader Schumer has to “equality” (and I suspect that like most lefties, he has none) falls apart the moment his wife isn’t feeling well.

Senator Chuck Schumer accompanied his wife, who had a fever and was short of breath, to the emergency room. As sicker patients were treated in the hallway, the couple were ushered into Room 20, where they received expedited Covid-19 tests, according to workers who witnessed the scene. The tests came back negative.

ERs vary in their misery level, and while I’ve never been to the NYU ER, I have sat in emergency rooms where there were screaming patients, people lying on the floor, waiting for hours to get in.

Why would NYU Langone be especially motivated to bend over backward for Schumer? Here are 1.1 billion reasons.

N.Y.U. Langone Medical Center will receive $1.13 billion in Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance to help it recover from damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, according to a press release from Senator Chuck Schumer’s office. The hospital’s recovery is one of several FEMA projects the senator said he is working to expedite.

It is the second-largest award ever given for a single project, surpassed only by FEMA’s $1.7 billion award for the Recovery School District after Hurricane Katrina.

N.Y.U. will receive the money in a lump sum, a break from past practice where money came in fits and starts as receipts were submitted.

Meanwhile, rural hospitals hammered by ObamaCare were closing left and right. And people had lost everything.

“I can’t get that money, because I have a flood policy and I did the right thing by paying my premiums,” said Jeff Greenberg, an East Rockaway storm victim whose home was destroyed by Sandy.

FEMA declined to share NYU’s application for federal disaster aid.

In an interview with the I-Team, Michael Byrne, FEMA’s top coordinator in New York, said he did not know if NYU had flood insurance.

According to the hospital’s most recent financial statements, NYU Medical Center had more than $200 million in untapped credit lines before Sandy struck.

Paperwork has a way of getting lost or staying secret when it involves that other party, while getting leaked and made public otherwise.

So what did taxpayers buy with that $1.1 billion?

Schumer got paid.

Mr. Schumer had received at least $102,400 from NYU Langone Medical Center employees.

And that $1,1 billion taken from taxpayers also ensured the right for Schumer’s wife to cut in line at the ER.

Isn’t equality wonderful?

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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