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After Police Shoot At Dutch Farmers Protesting, They Develop “Killdozers” (Video)

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Published on: July 7, 2022

Dutch farmers have been fired upon on numerous occasions by agents of the state as they protest the implementation of EU-based climate rules on the emissions of nitrogen, which threatens thousands of livelihoods in the Netherlands. However, now these ingenious people are developing ways to fight back against they tyrants and are developing what they call “killdozers.”

First, take a look at this video of agents of the state firing on these protesters, then you’ll see images of a tractor that has had steel welded onto it, along with a bulldozer fashioned similarly.

Here’s what one man commented on the Dutch’s response, “The Dutch… they are a different breed.”

If you have missed it, he killdozer gained national attention when Marvin Heemeyer built a tank out of a bulldozer and leveled a good portion of town in the Rocky Mountains nearly 18 years ago. You can read about it here.

The Dutch have been protesting for a while now and below are some of the video captured as roads and ports have been blocked an the farmers continue to protest, even shutting down an airport. They also brought in their own real tank.

Dutch farmers brought a tank to help with their blockades

Looks like the airports have been shut down by Dutch farmers.

Multiple ports now being blockaded across Holland as well as roads being blocked

Dutch police going in hard on farmers with guns pointing at them

Another Dutch Nazi Cop Points His Gun At Driver For No Reason

Dutch farmers hit the home of the newly appointed Minister for Nature

Undercover police tried infiltrating the Dutch farmers protests, they were caught

More reports of Dutch police shooting at farmers

Netherlands: Angry and hungry farmers block the roads nationwide

Netherlands: Farmers, Fisherman, Trades workers & Patriots Against Govt Tyranny

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