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Redefining “Community Violence”: You’re Paying For It (Video)

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Published on: February 17, 2022

The Liberty Belles take a look at Project Prevent which will redefine “community violence” using the education system while you get to pay for it. Instead of “community violence” being defined by law enforcement, other entities will be defining “community violence”, making the definition so broad it could encompass the innocent encounters. Remember, it will not just apply to the children in schools. It will apply to the community at large. This is blatantly unconstitutional, wasteful spending (unconstitutional spending) and theft of taxpayer dollars.

Please remember to visit the Federal Register link and post your comments in opposition to this program. Lynne and Suzanne would like to encourage you to send your comments to them via email at [email protected]. A future videocast will feature the comments submitted by our audience. If you have any comments, show ideas, or information, please email Suzanne as well.

The Liberty Belles are currently on Rumble, BitChute, and UgeTube. Due to the limitation on file size at BitChute, The Liberty Belles will be limiting posting to that platform until an additional platform can be procured. You can find Lynne at, Breaking News Journal on Roku, and Sons of Liberty Media Radio Show with Tim Brown every Wednesday at 6 AM. Suzanne can be found at Sons of Liberty Media and “Hamner It Out” at and Rumble at SuzanneHamner.

Stay Informed! Armor Up Warriors! Until next time when we ring the bell on education so you can affect change while hammering out the issues so you can smell the manure!

Sources: – Lynne’s guest appearance with Ruth Bryant-White, starts at the 2:10:50 mark and runs about 30 minutes

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