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Alabama Mom Changes Mind about Adoption – Still Has Baby Taken from Her

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Published on: August 2, 2015

I am all for adoption. I think that our nation should make the process easier, shorter and cheaper. I also believe that we should always encourage young women who find themselves in a difficult position to consider adoption instead of opting for abortion (because abortion, as murder, should always be illegal). However, when a mother changes her mind, especially before the child is born, she should always be given the opportunity to keep her child.

This past May Kimberly Rossler of Alabama made just such a decision and no one cared.

Months before, Rossler, a 25-year old single woman, found herself pregnant and worried and decided to give her baby up for adoption. Over time her decision to do so grew less and less certain and she worried that she was making the wrong choice. Finally, less than a week before she was due to give birth, she told the adoptive parents lawyer that she had changed her mind and wanted to keep her baby. “I tried to tell her numerous times and she just brushed it off like this was nothing, like this happens,” Rossler said of the adoption attorney.

No one was listening.

The baby was born on May 28th and Rossler immediately fell in love.

“I finally had peace in my life… I had this unconditional love I have always wanted, and to know that my child has been taken from me, and not even knowing what is going on with him.”

She knew that this was her baby and that she had to keep her, but apparently the adoptive parents, or their lawyers, or the adoption agency that facilitated the adoption disagreed. Thus far, there are no easy explanations to what happened next, but a short three weeks after giving birth to her son and taking him home, the police arrived and took the baby away from Rossler.

It was while Kimberly Rossler was breastfeeding her 3-week-old son that she says sheriff deputies arrived at her Alabama home and took him.

“They let me finish breastfeeding him, and I put him in his car seat, as I screamed and cried and watched them take my child away, with no answers whatsoever,” Rossler recalled.

While I feel bad for the adoptive parents, there is recourse for them, they can begin the adoption process anew because there are always children in desperate need of a family. However, for Rossler this is her own flesh and blood, a child that grew and thrived within her and that she’ll now be connected to for the rest of the baby’s life. What a tragic and heartbreaking situation.

You can see the local newscast explaining the story below:

FOX Carolina 21


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