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Virginia Judge Rules to Remove Confederate Flag from License Plates – Will it Be Retroactive?

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Published on: August 2, 2015

There has been much made about the Confederate Battle flag.  Some see it as a symbol of hatred, while others see it as a symbol of resistance to tyranny.  There is no doubt that black people have good reason to believe that the former is true.  The flag was and is used by hate groups.  At the same time, many Southerners are faced with the true history of the flag.  These groups are not giving a fair hearing and have now been stripped of the right to display their affiliation with one another.

The Washington Times reports:

Virginia can refuse to issue specialty license plates that include images of the Confederate flag under a ruling made Friday by a federal judge.

The ruling follows a Supreme Court decision in June that affirmed license plates are official documents displaying government-approved information, not an open forum, and as such, states can restrict use of specialty designs.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

I reported several months ago that Texas had made a similar move.  The difference here is that there are 1700 people in the state of Virginia who currently have the Sons of Confederate Veterans symbol on their license plate.  This causes a further issue for the court to decide.

The Times continues:

U.S. District Judge Jackson Kiser ruled from the bench in the case and has yet to decide whether his order will apply retroactively to the approximately 1,700 Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates already issued by state or only to new license plates.

The state may be saddled with the unpopular task of confiscating these approved and issued tags from reluctant owners.  What a position to be in if you are law enforcement.  But we have to see that there is a deeper problem at issue here.  The scrubbing of history.

The Washington Post reported:

The Confederate flag is not the only Southern symbol facing intense scrutiny following the racially motivated shooting in Charleston, S.C., that left nine parishioners dead in a historic African American church last week.

Across the country, statues memorializing Confederate dead have been mocked and defaced as pressure mounts to remove what many view as enduring symbols of white supremacy.

There is now a fight in the South for the removal of all reminders of the War Between the States.  It might not be a big deal to many, even those who live in the South.  But, there is one thing that we must keep in mind.  Nothing happens without a reason.  Why would these people wish to see these symbols defaced and banned?

If we look at what the South was fighting for, we will see that it has more to do with big government and tyranny than slavery.  Yes, slavery was an issue and a major cause of inflammation on both sides.  As I have already illustrated, slavery was going to die a natural death in the South.  But this is not the real issue.

Now there are movements in our government, movements that with each small victory are stripping away more and more of our rights.  And like their Communist cousins, these “Social Democrats” must remove all reminders of faith, hope or resistance.  It starts with the pseudo-sacred, historical figures, figures that have, for a century and a half, had their true character maligned and slandered.  Then they will come for the real target:  The Church.

It is not our duty to defend statues or flags.  But it is the duty of every man to stand for the Bride of Christ.  May God grant to His people the strength to stand, in these perilous times.


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