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America – Be Thankful for the Right Things or not at all

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Published on: November 27, 2015

What am I thankful for and what will I do about it

People and groups who have been slowly boiled over time and corralled like cattle for destruction are thankful for just staying alive another day. They are thankful for a found kernel of corn or survival provision the government or master gives them. They are vaguely thankful for memories of what used to be, freedom of speech, thriving businesses and the right to bear arms and own guns. These rights have been under assault and are falling to pieces before our eyes. Is this enough water in your glass?

Those who have already caved in and are ‘drip drip drip’ dying away will only be thankful for what they see as ‘God’s judgment,’ ‘just rewards’ and anything that can help them survive. They may not know it yet, but they are already the walking dead, the consumed and discarded that will be used as accomplices to take down America and the rest of our freedoms. Hungry and scared people are quickly made and exposed. They either rise up and fight or they give in to fear and sell out. Which are you?

Those who are still alive and are thankful operate from a different playbook

Since we are thankful for our Christian heritage and the power of the Holy Bible that built this nation, we are not thankful for insults, assaults and damage Obama and his attachments throw us. Obama offers us beautiful smelling apple pie, but any real America, sees that it is a poison apple. We know his plan is to make a nation of sleeping beauties he will either raise up as Obama working zombies or do away with.

We are thankful that God has used this nation to be a real light for freedom, achievement and power. It has stood against evil that threatens to consume like fire from the beginning. Now we have evil from within from the White House on down. We will survive this too. Though never perfect in our responses to other’s needs, we have shown up and taken care of business again and again. I am thankful for that and am most proud. There is nothing for us to apologize for except for voting in Obama. We will get it right next time. I believe we have learned and are learning the hard way.

Most know by now, if you are not among the walking dead, that Obama has attempted to transform and change us into a dictatorial and compromised version of ourselves that increasingly targets and controls the masses. In ‘Obama country,’ you either obey, pay up and do what Obama and his agenda demands, or you are targeted for punishment and destruction. Battle lines are being drawn in big ways all over America as we face the next election coming at us in 2016. Will the people and God win? I say a big fat “Yes,” as we trust our Lord, pray, stand and be thankful for freedom and what is right…not what is expected and fed to us.

Living Americans, who love God, our country and freedom are thankful enough for our real and God-breathed core that we will stand up and fight if necessary. No one will be allowed to violate our 2nd Amendment rights and seize our guns, freedom of speech, right to build our own businesses and have the quality and life with military, health care and privacy we deserve.

Living Americans know that capitalism, Judeo-Christian values and our inventive and achievement genetics built this nation and have given life and hope to the world over and over. Be thankful for that, and never forget.

We have a critical election coming up. Top GOP hopefuls have many great qualities. Pay attention to the core basics and vote wisely. Pray that our Lord will deliver us the right candidate and we beat what the Democrats throw at us.

America must have pride, passion, and thankfulness for who we are again. I want a President who is proud of our country and is thankful for our core and what we were before our freedoms and incomes were plucked away by Obama. I like much about Trump, Cruz and Carson. Some parts I don’t like and no one is perfect.

We will see which candidates stay on point. So far, I love Trump’s love for America and promise to deal with real border security and not give in to the endless push for amnesty on all sides. I love that Trump promises real and total tax reform, freedom of speech and restoration of religious rights while promising a much needed fight against Islamic intent to destroy the world.

I am not thankful for what Obama and his supporters have made and brought to America. I am thankful that with Christ all things are possible and that millions of Americas will stand and fight for what is right, free, no matter what the cost. Are you alive or the walking dead? Be thankful you can fight for the best freest country on earth and vote right.

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