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America has Her Own Baghdad Bob in Barack Obama

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Published on: May 12, 2015

As national and satellite pictures were showing American troops taking over Baghdad airport and moving towards the city, Baghdad Bob proclaimed, “There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!” on live TV… as you could hear the shells going off in the background! Reports came in from various news sources with Baghdad Bob saying, “I blame Al-Jazeera – they are marketing for the Americans!” When asked by reporters how the Iraqi army would do against the Americans, he replied, “My feelings – as usual – we will slaughter them all.” And let’s not forget, “Our initial assessment is that they will all die.” Baghdad Bob had so many gems that he tried to sell, but failed.

I believe we are seeing that same thing here in America. We consistently hear from the White House that the economy is good, jobs are on the rise, people are feeling better, and the biggie… we are living in the safest time in history! In what universe? Consumer confidence is down, most jobs created are part-time, the economy can’t maintain a 2% misery index, credit card debt is up, home sales are down. Do you need more?

This Administration also goes on to say there are no scandals and no issues at the IRS. Benghazi, though a tragedy, was played out by the U.S. perfectly and it all happened because of a movie maker. We are stuck in a Twilight Zone marathon featuring the Obama Chronicles.

The economy, after the (real) Great Depression of 1930, made a strong comeback. The US saw growth rates of 8, 11, and 13 percent over the 3 years it took to recover. Most experts agreed, if the government had gotten out of the way, recovery would have been so much quicker! What wouldn’t I give for a 5 or 6% recovery today?

According to President Obama, his administration’s growth tactics were the way to go. He had no problem blaming Republican’s for fearmongering with their warnings that his plan wouldn’t work. It should be clear by now, his plan has not worked, nor will it work, not in any situation or universe! In 2010, the economic recovery was only at 3%. In 2011, 1.7%. In 2012, it tripped over 2%. In 2013, it stumbled to 1.8%. And then, in 2014, it wobbled on the 3% line. So far, for 2015, the average is 2.8%.

In Obama’s State of the Union address, he said the economy though growing slowing, is doing great and we are on our way to a recovery! What?

Just a poke in the eye for a moment… under George W, in 2001 after the 9-11 attack, the economy tumbled and crashed hanging in at an average of 0.5% until 2002 when it started to rise again to a high of 4.3%. But the damage had been done. The low GDP and slowing of the economy had started to undermine the Bernie Madoffs of the world with their phony investment schemes that started to crumble. In 2008, it couldn’t hold anymore. Obama even lost Bill Clinton on this one. Bill openly stated in interviews that the economy was stumbling and was still having issues.

This administration has touted itself as the most transparent ever. Yet, even the mainstream media, who were in a deep love affair with Obama, said they have been the most secretive ever. Veteran journalists from almost every major paper were shocked when this “transparent” administration said they were no longer welcome at most of the events in and around the White House. To add insult to injury, the White House said they would release pictures and stories to the media that they deemed newsworthy. Sounds like an open environment to me! (Yes, that’s sarcasm.)

There are so many of these examples it pains me to leave them out, but I want to focus on the comment that the world is the safest it’s been than at any other time in history. Where does he get this stuff? Both Obama and Kerry must be smoking the same crack pipe. None of the military officials or advisors believe this statement – none of them!

Race relations haven’t been this bad since the 1960’s. We haven’t seen this much inner city violence since the violent protests of the Vietnam War and the race riots of the 1960’s. For all intents and purposes, we were moving in the right direction with racial issues, maybe not fast enough, but at least moving forward nonetheless.

This president has set us back 50 years with race-baiting and his own racial bias. He started with the infamous “beer summit” saying that the incident in which a black college professor was arrested by a white cop for breaking into a house had to be racially motivated. It couldn’t be a mistake. It had to be an overt racist act. This was just the beginning. For a president who recently stated that he never gets involved until the investigation is over, you can’t prove it by his record.

This country is teetering on the brink of a major outbreak of violence, but it will be aimed at the government, not just a “black and white” thing. The racial violence we have seen in some of these cities will look like a game of Battleship compared to what will happen if this administration keeps trampling on the rights of Americans by putting illegal aliens before the American people and taking more and more of their less and less hard-earned money to provide services for those here illegally.

Like Baghdad Bob, this president either sees none of these issues raised before him or he chooses to keep feeding us the propaganda he has been manufacturing since his first days in office.

To paraphrase what Obama said in the last election, I am choosing to do the will of those who stayed home and didn’t vote. They think everything is going fine, so they simply stayed home.

Baghdad Bama has spoken!

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