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Georgia Sheriff Supports Violation of Individual Rights

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Published on: May 12, 2015

“The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” – Barack Hussein Obama.

This one statement by the fraudulent occupant of the Oval Office not only describes himself and his administration, but plenty of state and local government officials as well. Most individuals might not think much about their local government being compliant with or actually supporting the agenda coming out of Washington. After all, these individuals live in your neighborhoods, go to the same church as you, and are a “friend” of yours.

Last year, Georgia Republican Governor Nathan Deal signed the “Safe Carry Protection Act” that allowed licensed gun owners, those with carry permits, to carry their firearms in bars, school, churches and some government buildings. Of course this sparked controversy in the small town in which I live prompting Newton County Sheriff Ezell Brown to issue a statement on the state law that rang more along the lines of “gun control advocate” instead of a “constitutional supporting” sheriff. At the same time, Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners Keith Ellison had stated that an ongoing evaluation period was occurring to determine the repercussions regarding banning firearms from city and county public buildings in light of the new Georgia law. The law allows “legal” gun owners who have permits to carry their firearms into unsecured city and county buildings. The key words here are “legal” and “permits.”

Even before this state law was signed, the Newton County, Georgia Board of Commissioners, at the behest of Sheriff Ezell Brown, adopted a “gun ordinance” in 2013 because residents in an area of the county were disruptive, violent and involved in reckless use of firearms.

In March of 2015, this author penned an article covering the Newton County Landfill debacle that would result in the county being host to a regional, if not statewide, landfill. The County Board of Commissioners meeting is held in the Historic courthouse on the square in Covington, Georgia. Since the enactment of the “Safe Carry Protection Act,” the county has installed metal detection devices and barred “weapons” of all kinds, including personal protection items such as key-ring Mace and Pepper Spray, from entering the building. There has never been an incident, to my knowledge, involving violence at this location nor at the county annex building. So, the county spent possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars to install these devices because of the passage of the state law allowing “legal gun owners” with “permits” to carry inside county buildings that are “unsecured,” meaning no detection devices installed.

I waited to report on certain events that occurred prior to that evening’s Board of Commissioners meeting in anticipation of an interview being granted and comments being received from Sheriff Ezell Brown. As of today, after numerous attempts over the last few weeks to get a meeting with Sheriff Brown, neither he nor his office has returned my calls or responded to messages left.

Outside the historic building, a sheriff’s deputy was loudly announcing that no weapons were allowed, including mace and pepper spray. As a precaution, I had left my “legally permitted” firearm secured in the vehicle. I looked through my purse to make sure I had nothing that could be considered a “weapon” as I sometimes carry bandage scissors, being a former nurse, and sometimes my purse is a “catchall” for items that eventually get lost in the void of the bottom of the purse. I found an old key-ring Pepper spray device that I had forgot about. Being a law abiding citizen, I informed the deputy I had it. He stated I could not bring it in and I would need to return it to the car. An individual standing there stated that deputies were securing items such as that at the prior meetings and returned the items to the owner upon leaving the building. The deputy stated to hand it to the officer at the table and get a number to collect it when I leave.

Upon entering the Historic courthouse to attend the commissioners’ meeting, attendees were required to pass through the metal detection devices. I informed the deputy sitting at the table of the key-ring Pepper Spray and he said that they could keep it and give me a “ticket” to retrieve it upon leaving the building. Before going through the detection device, another sheriff’s deputy, standing at the table, stated my purse had to be placed on the table as it could not be sent through. I complied. After going through the screening device without incident, I turned to find the deputy rifling, in an unruly manner, through my purse. I asked the deputy what he was doing – he did not respond. He proceeded to open my wallet, rifle through it exposing and handling my money, credit cards and appointment cards. I asked the deputy what probable cause he had to search my belongings. He still did not respond. I asked the deputy under what type of suspicion he was authorized to search my belongings. Remaining silent, he opened a side pocket, picked up my check book, replaced it and proceeded to confiscate my electronic vaping device. Inside that same pocket were lipsticks and feminine products, all exposed for the public eye. He picked up a few lipsticks and “items.” I informed the deputy that he was not keeping the vaping device as it was not a weapon, was turned off, and secured in my purse as it was never used indoors in public places. He stated, “I’m keeping these.”

I challenged the deputy on keeping the vaping device and other items in his hand. By this time, two other deputies had come along side me. The officer seated at the table instructed the standing deputy to issue me a ticket to retrieve my items upon leaving. I continued to question the confiscation of an electronic vaping device, with the only answer being, “It’s not allowed.” Turning the issue back to probable cause, the deputy became frustrated with my questions, which had drawn the attention of the crowd, and shoved my purse and open wallet toward me saying, “you can put all that back together.”

Under the watchful eyes of the deputies, I did just that. The other deputy handed me a ticket so I could collect my vaping device and key-ring Pepper Spray. After getting my wallet secured inside my purse and various pockets closed, I stood and watched the activities from a distance. No male individual had their wallet searched – not one – while women who had brought their purses had them rifled through in an unruly manner.

In a stunning display of active police work to thwart “law abiding” citizens, two county sheriff deputies grabbed a 70 year old woman who did not want to be identified or interviewed, by each arm while another stood nearby for having “kindergarten” scissors in her purse.

At the meeting break, I approached Sheriff Ezell Brown and asked him about the kindergarten scissors incident and whether he was aware. He stated that “sharp objects are not allowed into the building.” I reminded the Sheriff the woman had kindergarten scissors – blunt scissors 4-6 year olds use to cut paper only. He then told me there were cameras that recorded the incident and he would have to review it to make a comment. I asked the sheriff about ink pens being allowed in the building. He stated those were fine. I informed the sheriff that nurses in the prison system carried their ink pens as a form of “weapon” in case of incident. He didn’t respond.

I then asked him about the electronic vaping device being confiscated, describing the device, it being secured and off. I also informed him that unlike other batteries it did not present a threat as it was not an “always on” device. Again, he stated he would have to look at the video before making comment and it would take him several days to investigate before he could get any answers. At that time, he agreed to an interview, on the record, and agreed to make public comment on these issues for Freedom Outpost.

Unfortunately, for Newton County and many others in this state, along with other states of the nation, we do not have a constitutional sheriff nor a constitutional county government. Our county has been infiltrated by communist/Marxist/Socialist agenda pushers who sell out their own citizens. As this county and the city of Covington have become a “hub” of Hollywood film crews for movies and TV series, our local government and law enforcement agencies have shifted to the Hollywood attitude of “gun control” and “eradication of individual God-given rights” for the supposed “betterment” of society.

While Sheriff Brown will make himself available for the local paper, who allows him to issue a statement to their “fluff” questions, Sheriff Brown will not respond to a request for an interview where he will have to answer tough questions regarding his duty as a constitutional officer and elected official. No Newton County commissioner wants to answer tough questions regarding their duty to the citizens in providing constitutional government at the local level. It’s pretty evident where they stand when they support the continued employment of a county attorney steeped in unpaid federal income taxes, questionable conflict of interest activities, and in charging the county what some consider exorbitant fees.

Regarding the property rights and tree “cutting” of the City of Covington contractors, an article will be forthcoming when that encounter has been conducted and completed, hopefully with City officials agreeing to respond to an interview.

It would behoove everyone to determine how responsive their local government is to the people who demand constitutional government upon which this nation was founded. It is imperative that local officials are held to that standard. On the same token, residents in every county in every state should determine where their elected Sheriffs stand on supporting constitutional government, state and federal. With the tide of unconstitutional actions emanating from Washington and state governments “bought” with federal funds, our local government and county sheriffs are the last line of defense. If they will not support constitutional government and fight for it, the people are left on their own, not only to defend against federal law enforcement overreach and unconstitutional activities; but to confront their own local agencies comprised of neighbors and “friends” who will be in lock step with federal agencies.

With Jade Helm upcoming, it is critical to know where your local government stands. In Newton County, Georgia, the writing is already on the wall.

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