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American Pilot Calls On Americans To Fight For Freedom Against Illegal Vaxx Mandates (Video)

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Published on: October 8, 2021

We have already heard from Army doctor and aerospace medicine specialist LTC. Theresa Long call on the Pentagon to ground all pilots that have taken the COVID shots.  We have been warning about this for sometime on The Sons of Liberty radio, even as airlines have tried to coverup the deaths of their “vaxxed” pilots.  Now, an airline pilot in America is facing losing his career if he will not submit to the medical tyranny of his company and he’s calling on all Americans to fight for liberty against these unlawful mandates.

Take a listen to this pilot, who posted this video to his TikTok account stating:  “I never thought in my life I would have to make this video.”  See if you agree with him and are willing to stand with him against these fascists who are not following unconstitutional federal mandate or executive orders, but are merely going right along with the agenda and must be brought to justice for their criminal activity.

This pilot is not alone.  Listen to this Australian, who is a senior pilot for Qantas who has had a timeline set on him as the company demands “no jab, no job.”

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