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America’s Frontline Doctor Jeffrey Barke To School Board: Masks On Children Is Child Abuse! (Video)

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Published on: October 8, 2021

Dr. Jeffrey Barke has a long and distinguished career of medical care, as well as being a member of America’s Frontline Doctors. Based in Orange County, California, Dr. Barke recently spoke to a school board meeting via conferencing and called into question the illogical, irrational decision to mask children in the face of protecting people who have already taken the experimental COVID shots and went so far as to say it was nothing short of child abuse.

Dr. Barke introduced himself by stating, “I’ve been a primary care physician. I’ve been in private practice for 25 years. I’ve treated myself close to a thousand COVID patients. I’m also a father of two children, a husband of 35 years, a tactical physician for a local law enforcement agency and a proud member of America’s Frontline Doctors.”

He then addresed the school board: “What you’re missing here is asking the question, at what cost?” concerning the masking of children. He continued, “And what you’re forgetting is the CDC’s own
statistics, not my statistics, that the survivability of COVID-19 in children less than 18, that’s k-12, is 99.97 percent.”

“When kids get COVID, I’ve treated plenty, they do really well,” Dr. Barke continued. “It’s usually a bad cold for a few days, they recover quickly, and they’re back to school.”

“You should also remember that the World Health Organization told us that there is little, if any, evidence that asymptomatic children pass this illness onto at-risk adults,” he added. “In addition, if you’re like many other school districts, most of the teachers are vaccinated anyways; and if vaccines work, they should not be afraid of the children.”

Dr. Barke then asked the telling question, “At what cost is the question you should be asking, not just looking at your statistics then in my opinion?”

“Then although I haven’t had a chance to study them are quite flawed, the numbers of people in your databases are very very small,” he continued. “There’s numerous variables that were not taken into account. I would be happy to analyze it in detail and get you back my analysis, but the data to support this mandate does not pass the smell test.”

Again, he asked, “At what cost?”

In Dr. Barke’s own words he stated unequivocally: “A child wearing a mask in school, in my opinion, is a form of child abuse. Not only do the masks not help but they directly harm.”

Dr. Barke elaborated on that stating: “We have increased levels of anxiety, depression, learning disorders. It is impossible for a young child to bond with their teacher because humans are designed to bond by facial expression, especially if a child already has an underlying learning disorder that is just exacerbated.”

He then reminded the board that some Florida mothers did their own study took masks off their own children after they had been worn for a few hours and sent them to a local lab and when the results came back, they discovered pathogenic bacteria inside those masks.

Dr. Barke then stated that even being worn perfectly, masks little, if any, protection, which is what the New England Journal of Medicine stated, as well.

“I think it’s wrong to do this for our children,” Dr, Barke said. “I think it’s the wrong policy for a public school district and I applaud the parents that are pushing back and standing up against it.”

Indeed, I’m glad to see parents waking up to this.

Dr. Barke broke his silence on the CONvid-1984 last year.

I just am hoping some of them will be awake enough to deal with the real problem and that is their shirking of their own responsibilities to teach their own children (Deuteronomy 6:1-10). If they did that, the state, the school board and the federal government wouldn’t have any bullying leverage at all for forcing children to wear these face diapers.

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