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An Emergency Call to the USA in 2015 from 1929

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Published on: April 13, 2015

Dr. Enos K. Cox has issued an emergency call for the USA! The following excerpts are taken from the pages of his timely and powerful book, Where is the Lord God of Elijah?

“We are in a period of unrest… We are living in an emergency hour…There are great social evils that not only threaten the church, but the whole fabric of modern life…the movies have become greater factors in the shaping of life and character than at one time would have been thought possible…” they are being produced by “masters in the art of making virtue dull, drab and uninteresting, and vice thrilling, heroic, and attractive.”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

“Crime is rampant over the land,–cruel, beastly, revolting crime that laughs at law and moral codes. In no period of modern life have we known the time when contempt for law was so great, and when the established rights of life and property were so ruthlessly trampled underfoot.”

“The foundations of belief are threatened. The Bible is under fire, both from enemies without and traitors within…The friendship with the world has ceased to be considered enmity to God…Sin of every sort stalks unabashed and un reproved into the courts of the Most High…The supreme hope of many religious organizations is to grow in power and increase their revenues, rather than to save men and build Christly character…The passionate longing for the souls of men, and the glowing fervor of the evangelist have almost vanished, and hosts of churches are becoming social centers rather than heralds of salvation.”

“Things are tolerated, sometimes smiled upon, which were frowned upon a generation ago. Lax standards of sexual morality, the loose and easy way marriage vows are treated…with the support and approval of filthy screen scenes and the floods of vile literature which pollute our newsstands….Some people, who are measuring by their own lowered moral sense, see no danger in many of the things mentioned, but they are bringing bitter heartaches to those who hold that the Ten Commandments are not out of date, and who still believe in the morality of the Sermon on the Mount.”

“We are living in a day when the things of eternity do not occupy very much of the time of the average church member. We are not thinking about men and women in terms of their eternal destiny. Death, judgment, heaven and hell, are not positive facts in the minds of many…Burning zeal, fervent enthusiasm, earnest prayers and stirring exhortations, are considered just a bit old fashioned…Effective evangelism will never be born out of the vagaries of new theology, or from the doubts and negations of those who seek a kindred origin for all religions. Either Christ is the only way to God, or He is not the way anywhere.”

“Our God is bigger than what we call nature, He is above, and was before nature. Everything that is, came from His creative power. Our Christian faith is a revelation from God who is greater than all and over all. When you destroy this, you destroy the Christianity of the New Testament.”

“The remedy is within our reach. There has never been an hour when the hosts of evil were more audacious than right now. They are crying as in the days of the Psalmist, “Where is their God?” The forces which have arrayed themselves against our faith are not going to yield to easy going, or mediocre measures. We need the same power that gave victory to Elijah, the heart-pricking that broke the hearts of three thousand stubborn Jews on the day of Pentecost. We need the same invincible strength that shattered the paganism of Rome and overcame the subtle philosophy of Greece.”

“We will not win by arguments, nor by the persuasive words of man’s wisdom, but by ‘demonstration of the Spirit and of power.’ If Christianity is to live, it must have a fresh credential, a new manifestation to this busy, pleasure-loving, materialistic, scientific age, of the power of the resurrected Christ to make new men and women. We must have brought home, both to us and to the world, a renewed conviction of the reality and guilt of sin, and the glorious fact of forgiveness through redeeming grace.”

PLEASE NOTE: The above statements quoted from Where is the God of Elijah? by Enos K. Cox, pastor of First Baptist Church of Gloster, Mississippi, were published in 1929! If that was the way things were back then, how much louder of an emergency call do we need to hear and respond to in America in 2015?

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