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States Ignore ID Law – Makes it Easy for Criminals to Move Undetected in US

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Published on: April 13, 2015

The great thing about ID’s is the fact that, in America at least, we can quickly confirm you are who you say you are. It also is great that in America, unlike Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, there is no threat of being asked for your identification. The only real need for them is if you are caught breaking a law, or you seek to get on a plane. In these cases, you would think that all would agree that we need to see a reliable form of ID. This is not the case.

Fox reports:

After the 9/11 attacks, Congress passed the REAL ID Act to prevent foreign nationals from fraudulently obtaining a U.S. driver’s license — by requiring that any ID issued based on unverifiable foreign documents look different in “design or color” from an official driver’s license.

That way, TSA and other law enforcement would know the ID holder might not be who they say they are.

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This would just mean that at the time of your ID being issued, they had yet to verify your documents with the foreign government who issued them to you. If your papers were not yet verified to be authentic, then you would be issued a different form of ID. Now this sounded like a good idea until the liberals realized that this might make the illegals feel bad.

Fox tells us:

“What we object to is states that gratuitously would try to do much more than necessary for the sole purpose of stigmatizing individuals,” said American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Jon Blazer. “On the other hand, some states have taken a better approach in this regard, and have put the minimal requirements that they’re obliged to put under federal law.”

Now, I am all for states ignoring federal law if they deem it to be outside of their stated constitutional authority, or if it is unconstitutional, but this is silly. On the very face of it, the idea that an illegal immigrant’s feelings even come into play makes me laugh. That is, until I realized the fact that this illegal is given priority over my family and countrymen’s safety. Then I am outraged at the level of stupidity that is allowed in our country today.

Not only that, but there are whole states of people willing to endanger the rest of us, because the illegal might feel bad about himself because his ID doesn’t look the same as real Americans. I mean, really? Grow up!

So what? You might ask. Is this really worth such a reaction? Well, ask the families of the two slain officers in California.

In 2011, Utah issued ‘Marcelo Marquez’ a state driver’s privilege card. At the time, getting the card required multiple identifying documents, but no fingerprints or photo. It turned out the source documents were fakes.

Marquez was really Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte, deported twice for violent crimes and drug dealing. Bracamonte used the Utah ID to get around the country until last year, when he killed two California deputies after a car chase.

Utah now requires fingerprints for non-residents and changed the look of its ID cards to distinguish them from a license.

I bet if you were to ask those officers’ families, they would say it is very important.


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