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And Another Clinton Scandal Emerges

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Published on: May 20, 2015

It seems that the news of impropriety has become never ending. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might have checked all ethics at the door.  The evidence is piling up that points to a State Department run like a rogues’ gallery.

Fox News reports:

One line from the NYT piece about Hillary Clinton‘s unofficial adviser from her time in office pretty much says it all: “While advising Mrs. Clinton on Libya, [longtime Clinton retainer Sidney Blumenthal], who had been barred from a State Department job by aides to President Obama…”

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This is what many were concerned about with the emails.  We have speculated about the things that might have been going on, and whether or not Clinton had used a private email to keep just this type of thing in the dark.  This was a clear case of Clinton being advised by a person with a conflict of interest.

She defied the White House to keep an ethically compromised associate as a senior adviser paid at times through her family foundation – which was, in turn, funded by some of those whose interests were entangled in the issues on which he was advising Clinton.

As I questioned yesterday, who did not think that the Clintons were not above using their foundation money for their own personal gain.  Here is the proof.  Hillary was paying a man to advise her that the White House would never have approved because he was working both sides against the middle.

Fox further reports:

The Clintons tell us that their foundation and personal finances don’t and won’t interfere with official business – that they can keep the foundation going and thatBill Clinton can keep hauling in tens of millions of dollars a year to give speeches around the world as his wife runs and even serves as president. But here is proof that the lines were more than blurry in the past. Clinton knew she was defying the rules designed to protect the country from official misconduct. She did it anyway. The rules, she believed, did not apply to her.

This brings up what I have already said; this was done intentionally.  Hillary hid things the way she did because she knew that it was not above board.  And here is what shocks me more than anything.  Just twenty years ago, this would not have been tolerated by the American people.  We would have never stood for such deceit and backroom deals.  Democrat nor Republican would have sat by and watched as this woman continued to campaign as if none of this had happened.

The difference is that we have watched the wicked destroy our moral base.  People do not believe that there is a real truth.  No longer is there a real right and wrong.  The only thing left is the useful and the needed.  This lead to the death of our country.  We have to believe once again that there is such a thing as the truth, and it is found in the Scriptures.

Only when God’s Law is our standard can we see that things such as this is unacceptable.  I discuss the Law of God in my book, An Everlasting Covenant.  Buy it on Amazon.


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