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Rand Paul Launches Filibuster Against Renewal of Patriot Act

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Published on: May 20, 2015

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) promised a filibuster on the renewal of the tyrannical and unconstitutional Patriot Act signed into law following the 9/11 attacks by George W. Bush. On Wednesday, Senator Paul made good on that promise.

“I’m going to lead the charge in the next couple of weeks as the Patriot Act comes forward,” he said in a one-on-one interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader. “We will be filibustering. We will be trying to stop it. We are not going to let them run over us. And we are going to demand amendments and we are going to make sure the American people know that some of us at least are opposed to unlawful searches.”

The point of the filibuster is to make the American people aware of just how much the federal government has overstepped its constitutional restraints, especially when it comes to the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance of law-abiding American citizens.

National Journal reports:

Sen. Rand Paul is holding the Senate floor in what his office says is a filibuster against the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs, as part of an apparent stand against efforts by some of his Republican colleagues to extend the Patriot Act’s expiring spy powers.

“There comes a time in the history of nations when fear and complacency allow power to accumulate and liberty and privacy to suffer,” Paul started. “That time is now. And I will not let the Patriot Act, the most un-patriotic of acts, go unchallenged.”

Paul, who is a Republican candidate for president, has for weeks threatened that he would filibuster any attempt to reauthorize the Patriot Act authorities due to sunset on June 1. Although the Senate is still considering a trade deal and has not yet turned to consider the Patriot Act renewal, a Paul spokesman called the speech a “filibuster” and said the Kentucky Republican “will speak until he can no longer speak.”

The timing of Paul’s speech took observers by surprise, as the Senate has not yet moved to consider the Patriot Act and is still trudging through an ongoing fight over an international trade deal. Because Paul is not actually delaying consideration of legislation, his speech does not appear to qualify as a formal filibuster.

The NSA’s illegal and unconstitutional surveillance has been ruled to be illegal, yet a federal appeals court has allowed it to continue and so has Congress. In fact, the recent Islamic jihad attacks in Garland, Texas demonstrate that the federal government’s illegal activities in surveillance fail to prevent actual terrorist attacks from occurring. Instead, it was the organizer of the event which sought personal security and an off-duty police officer who took down the would-be jihadists.

Paul made headlines back in 2013 when during the confirmation hearings for Islamic stooge John Brennan to head the CIA, he filibustered for 13 hours to educate the country on the use of drones abroad and press the Obama administration on the use of drones to assassinate American citizens in violation of the Fifth Amendment.

Though the vote on Brennan was delayed, it eventually resulted in a confirmation of Brennan to head the CIA, but was the only confirmation in US history to have the most “No” votes cast.

RINO’s like Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain took shots at Paul for upholding constitutional principles. That’s only part of the reasons they should never be considered as presidents and why they should be recalled by the people of their states.

As the filibuster continues, you can watch it live by clicking here.

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