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Angry dad calls out San Diego school board: When ‘did you decide that it was OK to teach my children about Islam?’

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Published on: May 12, 2017

This is what parents must do. They must speak up. These quislings who are selling our children down the river must be held to account. For weeks I have been reporting on the recent changes in accordance with the Sharia in San Diego schools. We urged parents to go to this school meeting.

San Diego students will learn more about the Islam in “social studies” classes and safe places will be created on campuses for Muslim students as part of a multi-tiered approach to “combat Islamophobia.” This is absurd. “Anti-Muslim hate crime” (including a large number hate hoaxes committed by Muslims) is a fraction of anti-Jewish hate crime. Where are safe spaces for Jews or Sikhs or Hindus or Buddhists or Christians? Muslim “safe spaces” are unequivocally supremacist assigning special rights for a “special” class of people. That is Sharia, that is Islamic.

I love that this dad called out the school board on their “partnership” with designated terrorist group, CAIR.


Dave Urbanski, The Blaze, May 10, 2017:

Amid concerns about a new anti-bullying program specifically to protect Muslim students in the San Diego Unified School District, one angry father confronted the school board about Islamic instruction attached to it — as well as involvement by the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Parent Christopher Wyrick told the board he’s held “many titles” over the years, but “one of them I will not accept is ‘infidel.’ “

“There has been an argument over the years to keep religious beliefs out of school, especially any that happen to be associated with Judaism or Christianity,” he said at the late April meeting. “So at what point did you decide that it was OK to teach my children about Islam?”

He continued, “How does your board justify spending our tax dollars on a program that’s meant to educate our kids on the Muslim religion specifically, yet only accounts for a very, very small portion of the harassment reported?”

At that point a buzzer sounded, telling Wyrick his one-minute in front of the mic was up — but he ignored it.

Wyrick said that it “amazes” him that the district allowed CAIR to come into the schools and “implement a pro-Islam curriculum. What’s next? Teaching them about the five pillars or the conversion prayer?”

An official was heard saying “thank you very much” but Wyrick got indignant.

“Aw, dude, I’m gonna go, you’re gonna have to drag me outta here,” he told the board as some in the room rooted Wyrick on.

He asked how CAIR — with “ties to terrorists like Hamas” — could have an “ear on this board” and “implement its propaganda and hate speech into our schools in an effort to brainwash the minds of the young.”

Two officers approached Wyrick, who saw them coming and ended his speech by saying, “You guys are hypocrites, and you guys should protect your children.”

Here’s the clip:

Earlier in the meeting, Board Trustee Kevin Beiser told the crowd that the Islam policy was a step in protecting all children from bullying, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

“We will not allow Muslim students in San Diego schools to be spit on,” Beiser said — but the paper reported he was shouted down by those in attendance.

“All students should be safe,” one person said, the Union-Tribune reported, and another added: “What about the Jews?”

Beyer maintained that “we’re going to try to do a better job so when we teach in history class about Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity, we’re also going to teach about Islam.”

Extended video segment of San Diego School Board meeting proceedings:

(There are others appearing at the end of the video.)

And watch this news report:

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