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Apparently, Crime Pays With Your Tax Dollars!

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Published on: October 8, 2016

There is this fable about felons and convicts.  It goes something like this:   Felons and convicts just released from prison are unable to find employment, so they then return to committing crime to survive. I say fable, because this is exactly what it is:  a fable. I know. I work in the employment industry, as a safety professional. In fact criminal convictions and incarceration are a ticket to benefits that you and I cannot receive. “What? That can’t be!” you say.

Take, for example, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, employment agencies and employers who hire newly released felons and halfway house inmates, and receive up to $9600 in tax credits per employee! (Source: Department of Labor website)  This tax incentive is huge! The tax credits add up rapidly. It incentivizes hiring convicts and it has created an environment where skilled craftspeople and employees are bypassed in favor of individuals from whom they can obtain large tax credits.

Grants are also conferred to these individuals in excess of $5000 for training, such as Class A truck driver, crane operator, welding, and numerous other well-paying professions. Unfortunately I have numerous hard working craftspeople who would love to better themselves and receive these grants, but can’t, why? Because these saps obeyed the laws of the land! There is good news though; migrant workers (code for illegal aliens) are also eligible for these benefits, without having to be incarcerated, just check out

Social Security benefits are also available.  If they cannot do the work they did before, CALWORKS provides financial aid to families of convicts, and don’t even get me started on the carte blanche medical benefits available! I joked with a co-worker that needed extensive dental work, to commit a felony and get it done for free….

There is the re-entry program, which was started in 2009 by the Justice Department.  It has a budget of about $300 million. These funds are designed to provide individuals who are released from penal institutions with assistance integrating back into the community, services such as job placement, vocational training programs, substance abuse assistance, temporary housing and even mentoring (Source Grants for felons –  Hey, I got this crazy idea, how about rewarding citizens who contribute to society?

There are also incentives during the commission of the crime also!

It works like this, due to the ACLU eviscerating the Constitution with regards to criminal prosecution with the exclusionary rule; most criminal cases are pled out and never go to a jury trial. I would estimate approximately 95% of the criminal cases in California are pled out, so as to save the enormous expense, and potential of all your evidence being thrown out, and the criminal going free. So what happens is, the more heinous charges are thrown out so that the criminal trash will accept a plea bargain on the minor charges.

Let me give you some examples of some.  An applicant who was charged with forcible rape with torture, assault with great bodily injury (charge so icky, I don’t want to put it into print), and possession of a controlled substance. He pled to the Possession of a controlled substance and the other charges were dismissed! Now he doesn’t have to have his self-esteem damaged having the stigma of being labeled a sex offender. Isn’t that so nice? He was sentenced to six months in prison, and he then was released in 4 months, heck the girl probably was still in rehabilitation!

Okay, here is another one, the applicant was charged with premeditated murder, conspiring to commit a crime, participating in a criminal street gang, and four other very violent charges.

He pleaded the charges down to one count of Manslaughter, you know like when someone accidentally kills someone in a car accident. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and then received credits in prison for “time served” “good behavior” (He is in prison. Isn’t good behavior just expected?) and was released in 6 years. Now us fortunate citizens are able to have the important skills of a professional murderer to work near you and your family. Usually at least 25% or more of their sentence is reduced, for time served, good behavior, or prison overcrowding.

It seems to me, you couldn’t develop a better incentive program to create criminals than the system we now have. Why would a civilized government create a structure like this? Maybe for the same reason, our media and government seem to encourage the rioting in Ferguson, Baltimore, and who knows where else next. I think this system has been intentionally erected over a period of time, a brick by brick, Supreme Court ruling by Supreme Court ruling, until we have something that is so far removed from justice, something specifically created to increase lawlessness and the deconstruction of our country, until a strong federal police force is needed to quell the violence.

It sure couldn’t be to decrease crime or recidivism, because that sure isn’t working! The National Institute of Justice reports that 67.8% of released inmates are rearrested within 3 years! It is not uncommon for me to see between 10 to 40 convictions on a background check, and when you consider statistics tell us that for every conviction, there are up to 10 or more crimes that are never discovered, that’s a whole lot of people being hurt.

I often hear, “Everyone deserves a second chance.” Okay, but a 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th chance? I say, after the 10th conviction, we put them down.   Hey, lets throw in the lawyer, who represented them also for company. How about this, if a prisoner is released early, he has to live with the lawyer who represented him; if they believe enough in them to think they should be released, they should have no problem living with them.

Okay, that’s enough for now.  I’ve got to go steal a car, and hold up a convenience store…..

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