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VP Tim Kaine was in perfect form at the VP Debate

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Published on: October 8, 2016

At the VP debate things were even better than I had hoped for regarding former Governor Tim Kaine.  He won in all the big ways for all of us freedom loving Americans.  Thank you Kaine for showing us who you and Hillary Clinton really are…again.

From the beginning Kaine reflected beautifully, the smearing, interrupting, assaulting, insulting, lying, rude, hyperventilating, out of context, brazen attributes of his boss Hillary Clinton.  He was loyal as he walked through the low class, stinky sewage of the Hillary machine, pretending he was on a stage to be worshiped and admired.

He was indeed successful in being the overbearing and rude shadow of Hillary, allowing the masses to peer not only into rotten sugar Kaine’s heart but directly into Hillary and how she runs things – Rudely, with assaults, distractions, lies and distortions.

As we have seen Hillary pass out,  have seizures of sorts,  her head, neck and eyes bobbing around and disjointed thoughts fly out.  Of course, nothing is wrong.  For a minute in the VP debate I thought I would see Kaine ‘hyperventilate’ himself to death since he seemed incapable to take a deep breath and calm his heart down in-between interruptions and smears.

Yes Kaine, you did just perfect.  We all saw you and you made huge points and garnered many votes….for Trump and Pence.  Thanks again ‘rotten sugar Kaine.’

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