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Are You a Follower of Christ or an Ignorant Goat?

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Published on: August 11, 2015

Words have meanings right? Society keeps “evolving” with words or in “reality” it just changes the meanings to suit the political atmosphere.

This used to be something only hard core politicos might attempt, but I’m finding more and more of “mainstream” Christians are now doing the same thing. Some Christians find it necessary to dance around or water down the true meanings of God’s Word and commandments so people around them won’t think they are too harsh or “religious.”

I was trying to figure out why this is. What would cause someone who says they believe in something to change it or ignore parts of it to make themselves feel better?

Now, not to disrespect my Catholic friends, for that is not my intention, but Mrs. Pelosi is, in her words, a “devout Catholic.” How can that be?

I use Catholics because mainstream Catholic churches (yes, there are non-mainstream Catholic churches) believe the Pope is the Supreme leader and the final word on earth for the meaning of Scripture. It’s based on the Catholic understanding that Peter was the first Pope, by way of Christ, saying he would build his church on the truth that Peter spoke when Christ asked him who He is.

I use the example that you can’t follow Muhammad and say you’re a Christian! You can’t make Christ your Lord and be a Buddhist. You follow Christ. You can’t be a smoker and never touch a cigarette or cigar or whatever.

Pelosi says she is a devout Catholic, however she believes in abortion. Yet, the Church and Scripture are against abortion. Nancy is an advocate of same sex “marriage.” However, the Catholic Church is opposed to same sex “marriage.” So, what Catholic Church or doctrine is she really following?

I recently had words with someone on Facebook about a Christian issue; and at first, I thought I was discussing the Bible with a follower of Christ. For the record, I don’t know if this person is a follower of Christ, but the Bible does say we would know them because of their fruits and how we treat each other Christian to Christian.

What started the conversation was that she wrote how proud she was that her son wrote a play /poem based on the story of Adam and Eve, but he added a reference to “Steve.” He took a different viewpoint than Scripture and had a different viewpoint of what Eve or Adam was thinking and doing. However, when I questioned her, she said the story was basically a fairy tale. She, in a few paragraphs, stated that most of the stories in the Bible were not real, but simply that stories written by men.

Well, now I am really confused and we really haven’t even got into it yet. You see, most Christians believe the Bible is the Word of God, written down as the Spirit of God gave it to man to write.

That seems to send the feminists into a tizzy. Hey, God doesn’t hate women and He doesn’t see them as less of a person. It was the way of the day. Just like God didn’t send His Word by eMail because it was not the way of the day.

Scribes were men. That’s just a simple statement of fact. I keep referring to a particular person in this story, but there are many Christians who have this thought process!

She states she is a Christian, but basically says she doesn’t take the Bible at face value because it was written by men. She said that she follows what’s written in red (usually the words of Christ) but notes the Bible is a guideline (not really a commandment on how to live your life). Now, I’m really confused.

If the Bible is written by men and can’t be trusted, then how does she know her faith in Christ is real. I mean that part was written by men. NEWSFLASH the red was written by men.

The Bible is very clear in several places that it’s the guideline for life. It’s God’s will (our manual) for our life. Yes, we can ignore it or use it to live by. It also tells us to study and not just read. It’s not a novel, but a workbook!

The Christian Church has allowed many negative things to creep into the Church because, as a whole, those in the church have ignored their responsibilities because they refuse to study and live out their lives as Christians.

I am not advocating we fight each other from within, but we should not also allow all these garbage and lies into our lives. The Bible is clear about protecting what you see, hear and allow into your head and your children’s heads.

To my Christian friends, our kids are suffering because we don’t live out our faith according to Gods Word. God’s Word is absolute on so many things and we do not convey that to our children, Kind of anything goes you let society set the values for your children via sex edcuation at school and the TV shows they watch among other things being thrown at them.

The woman I was speaking with was upset that I chose to use the Scripture that says that a man using the body of another man as a woman is an abomination to God. She said “You call certain things abominations because you find them icky.” No I called them that because the Bible says they are and the Bible is God’s Word. So, as a Christian, why wouldn’t I say it?

So, again, I ask, If you’re a Christian, why are you? Because you go to church? Because your grandma went to church or because you follow the teachings of Jesus Christ?

There are many things Jesus says to do that may be uncomfortable. Christians should not shy away from those things.

What I find is that they sometimes make teenage excuses for not following the Bible. “Well that book is 2000 years old. It doesn’t pertain to us today.” “Religion is a personal thing that should be kept to yourself.” Yup, real personal for Christ when he was beat in public, carried his cross in public and was embarrassed on the cross in public and then publicly forgave all those who came against him in public. Yup, sounds like a very private thing to me.

If you don’t believe it all, then how do you know that Christ is the way? It’s the only book, written by men, that says He is!

My point with this whole article is aimed at my true brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s time for a checkup. Take an inventory of your life. Does it match up to the Word? When someone says something wrong about God, does it bother you as much as someone saying someone nasty against your mom?

Some of you write me and say, “Joe, where’s the love of Christ?” God calls us to love everyone, but also to hate evil and evildoers. That is the most overused word in our language. Did Jesus love the Pharisees and Sadducees when he called them vipers? When he told the adulteress to go and sin no more (so then that implies what she was doing was a sin and yes, so was the guy) was He showing her love? He accused her openly of sinning and doing something wrong and not accepting her behavior. Of course, He did. When you grounded your son or daughter for lying to you, or cheating on a test or for whatever, did you not love them in that moment? It’s because of you love that you do those things.

I’m not telling you to run around sticking your finger in people’s faces and tell them their sinning and going to hell. What I’m telling you is don’t accept things that are against God’s Word to enter your life. You have control. You are setting an example to your kids and others around you.

The only one you should care about what they think is God!

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