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Whirling Dervish: Americans Rise to Fluff and Stuff

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Published on: August 11, 2015

Another day in America brings further descent into a cesspool that Jacob’s ladder couldn’t provide a means for this nation’s depraved people to exit. Peruse the news and it becomes clear. Ferguson has erupted again as a protestor shot at police officers who returned fire and injured the suspect. To top it all off, protestors blocked Interstate 70 as local and state government works to “appease” protestors.

In Birmingham, Alabama, bystanders photographed and posted online pictures of a white police officer beaten with his own duty weapon by a black individual stopped by the officer. No one rendered aid to the downed police officer. The individual the officer stopped had a criminal past going back to 1999. The responses to the online photos indicated support for the attack on the police officer.

A protestor in support of Sandra Bland accosted reporters outside the Waller County, Texas jail, claiming, “all white people should be killed,” and “should go back to the caves where you came from.” The protestor identified as “Sunshine” accused “white people” of stealing blacks from Africa to be slaves, murdering blacks for over 400 years, and engaged in an expletive loaded angry monologue directed at the media, who were white, while declaring the county “racist.” In what can be described as a “militant” stance, Sunshine claimed reporters didn’t care about “black genocide,” only getting a story.

Dr. Ben Carson received unfavorable comments from Marc Lamont Hill for exhibiting what Hill termed “racial amnesia and racial blindness.” Here is a black man running for the Republican presidential nomination, who sees individuals based on their character, which goes along the same lines as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; however, Hill criticizes Carson for not recognizing there is a black America and a white America. Hill did not agree with Obama, back in the day, on race and does not agree with Carson, according to his statement.

Black Lives Matters degenerates interrupted an event where event organizers scheduled Bernie Sanders to speak, even shoving Sanders away, while calling attendees “white supremacists and racists.” Sanders ended up leaving the event without giving his speech, but did manage to take photos with supporters.

The buzz surrounding Thursday night’s Republican Top Ten candidate debate centers now around Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump’s exchange. Kelly invoked the imaginary “war on women” campaign to discredit Trump. Both are defending their actions. As it turns out, research revealed Kelly engaged in quite the debauchery herself on the Howard Stern radio show early in her career talking about breasts, penises and whatever.

More than likely, writers at the National Inquirer flew into seizures worried about their jobs since reality has become more interesting than aliens, alien babies and this and that one’s drug and sex scandal. Fluff n’ stuff appeared in places like People, US, the Inquirer and a host of “social” magazines. Now, it permeates news agencies, TV and blogs. Granted, it’s more interesting than foreign policy, government scandals, and eradication of the Constitution; plus, it garners the most revenue when leading the front page.

Yes, I just described these Ferguson protests, Black Lives Matter incidents, and others as “fluff n’ stuff.” Here’s why.

While there are incidents of police misconduct and wrongful shootings, these individuals protest justifiable action taken by a police officer in the line of duty, proven by investigations and a grand jury acquittal. Unprovoked, these same individuals disrupt society over some perceived “injustice” and false narrative that blacks are under genocide by whites, when it is blacks committing genocide against blacks. Unjustified attacks on police officers occur more frequently than ever. These individuals willingly swallow a bucket full of lies by Obama, Sharpton and other millionaire “race baiters for hire” to engage in moving this country down into third world status under some fantasy of “coming out on top.” Their “champions” are nowhere to be found in this mess as they are laying low, content to let the mindless masses suffer for their incitements.

Obama and the race baiter Supremes recognized the battle scars in America that have not quite healed. Scars with scabs remain from the bloodied War to Enslave the States to the Civil Rights Movement to the women’s equality revolution to the question of religion. All these inciters did was pick the scabs to open multiple wounds that while appeared healing on the outside were as raw as ever on the inside. People all over took the bait pushing this nation down into a sewer filled with so much raw emotion it overwhelmed common sense. These charlatans embolden individuals to commit crimes, while they tie the hands of police. They invoke the blame game pitting Americans against one another while they perpetrate a rape of this nation unparalleled in history.

All the while, Americans are dividing across the fluff n’ stuff lines, the government moves on ahead to attack this nation and its people with more serious egregious actions. While Obama and his administration chastise police, they move to use them against the people. It is a paradox to be certain — chastising police while using them against the people. It’s not something unheard of in history at all. It is “local” police and law enforcement receiving heat, while the Obama dream of a “nationalized civilian law enforcement as strong as the military” moves closer to reality or occupation by foreign as well as domestic “peacekeepers” loom in the shadows. All enabled by stirring a pot filled with easily swayed individuals, created by government education.

What do you think is happening while others are busy with “The Donald,” his exchange with Megyn Kelly, each one of them defending themselves, and the newly surfaced sound bites of Kelly sleazing it up with Howard Stern? Kelly proved herself a hypocrite. Well, Donald Trump isn’t exactly not one. Who cares if Donald referenced Kelly having a menstrual cycle!

No amount of facts or trying to enlighten these Black Lives Matter individuals or others will produce results. The stage is set. The play is complete and the actors follow their script to a tee. As one individual during the rise of Hitler noted about the crowd attending a rally in Nuremburg, “these people are insane.” Describing the Nazi glazed crowd as “whirling dervishes,” one could say the same about Ferguson protestors and Black Lives Matter activists. So crazy have these activists acted, people are tired of it and beginning not to care anymore.

Why do people not care? When you have race-baiter millionaire Al Sharpton calling for a “nationalized” police force while inciting continued violence and crime, educated individuals realize what the fuss is all about and how gullible individuals are being led to help Obama and Sharpton in their goal. While Planned Parenthood continues murdering an overwhelming percentage of minority babies in the womb, the Obamatons and Sharptonites protest over a criminal being shot by police. As blacks continue murdering blacks, these activists try to shove this rhetoric down everyone else’s throat, which if they truly believed, they would be protesting Planned Parenthood, black on black murder and glamorization of crime by rappers.

Truth is, black lives don’t matter to the ones yelling the loudest that it does. Another truth, leaders of this race show are not to be found amongst the people committing crimes, participating in violence or disrupting activities in cities and towns because they don’t care about black lives, just the amount of money coming into their pocketbooks to get richer while helping advance an agenda. They know what is happening is wrong and stay well clear of it. So why should anyone else care?

Well, people should care because all of this is contrived to incite chaos and violence. When people become acclimated to violence, it’s ignored, considered par for the course, or it morphs into “let them kill each other, who cares” types of attitudes. It’s ingenious really. If people ignore “Black Lives Matter,” these groups escalate their violence. If people respond to “Black Lives Matter” in trying to disseminate truth, groups escalate their violence. If people try to appease “Black Lives Matter,” it’s never enough so violence escalates. It’s a no-win scenario, except for the Marxist in Chief and his stooges. At some point, the other side gets their fill. When protestors “bring it” to communities sick of their criminal behavior and hypocrisy, that is when things get real.

For those who see it for what it is, the situation does not ease. Those who point out the agenda of the baby murder mill known as Planned Parenthood receive plenty of criticism under the guise of “women’s reproductive health.” Never in my life or career as a nurse have I heard baby murder in the womb termed, or related in any way to, “women’s reproductive health.” Pointing out the epidemic black on black murder receives silence — nothing. It’s shoved aside like it doesn’t exist despite accurate statistics to the contrary. But, one black thug criminal gets shot and killed by a white police officer in the line of duty and all of a sudden “Black Lives Matter.”

There is not enough video, ink, or talk to convince these “whirling dervishes” of the truth or show them their own hypocrisy. Other Americans are too busy focusing on the Kelly/Trump/Republican debate circus last week to ask what is really happening. Unfortunately, this will play out to its fruition where all Americans will lose — orchestrated by a tyrant and perpetrated by his propaganda ministry.

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