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Arizona: Cop Arrested After Video Caught Him Dragging Chained Dog Down The Road At 50 MPH

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Published on: August 13, 2021

Apache Junction, AZ — Anyone who has ever taken a shallow dive into the world of police brutality and excessive force has likely heard of the Mesa Police Department. This department has a history of killing innocent fathers, beating up grandmothers and doling out police brutality in general, to anyone they wish — up to and including killing a person in the midst of a seizure. Now, this infamous department is in the news once more after one of their officers was captured on video, dragging a dog behind his truck.

Mesa Police officer Spencer Allen was arrested this week after police said several witnesses and surveillance footage captured him dragging his dog down the road while it was chained to his truck. He has been charged with animal cruelty.

In the study of psychology, there is a term for those who hurt animals for personal pleasure. It is called intentional animal torture and cruelty and even has its own initialism, IATC. Psychologists have long studied the reasons behind why a person would intentionally harm an animal and the types of people associated with this behavior are often society’s worst. So, when a cop is seen dragging a dog behind a truck, it is probably not a very good idea for that guy to be a cop.

According to police, multiple witnesses saw Allen dragging the dog down the road and attempted to flag him down to stop him. However, according to witnesses, Allen kept speeding down the road — dog chained to his bumper.

One of the witnesses to the horrific torture recalled the day he watched it unfold. Delivery driver Eric Read told FOX 10 news that he was shocked to see the medium-sized dog being dragged behind the pickup truck by a chain.

“What sticks out in my mind is the chain wrapped around the dog’s neck and the dog was trying to stop, sitting down with the paws right in front of him,” Read said.

After seeing the abuse, Read made a U-turn to try to stop the monster but was unsuccessful as Allen reportedly sped off.

“Once he hit Baseline, taking off the way that he did, zero to 50 in about three seconds,” Read told them.

Though he was gravely injured, the dog didn’t immediately die and after being dragged down the street. Apache Junction Police said Allen took the dog to a shelter. When he arrived at the shelter, Allen claimed that the dog wasn’t his and he found it on the road side and said it had been hit by car. Not only did he torture a dog by dragging it behind his truck but after he did so, he claimed to be a good Samaritan helping out.

“He stated that he had found the dog on the side of the road, he was being a good Samaritan, but that wasn’t the case,” Apache Junction Animal Control officer Casey Sheahan told FOX 10.

When examining the dog, the vet noted that the dog’s injuries were not consistent with being struck by a vehicle.

“The dog had lost a lot of skin across all of its body. I believe it also had a puncture to the lung,” Sheahan said.

The vet also told police that the dog seemed familiar with Allen and before Allen left the vet, he signed a document, claiming that he wasn’t involved in the dog’s injuries. However, when police discovered the video, they realized this was a lie, and Allen eventually admitted it was his dog named Cosmo. Because he lied, Allen was also charged with forgery and falsifying a police report.

After the investigation was launched in April of this year, Allen quietly resigned in May and his arrest wasn’t announced until this week.

“I was sick to my stomach because I had just witnessed a dog being dragged behind a truck and it’s just one of those things that it infuriates you, that someone would actually do that,” Read said.

We agree.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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