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As Jihad Advances, Huffington Post Still Pushing Muslim Victimhood Myth

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Published on: October 28, 2015

As presidential candidates are finding it tougher than ever before to ignore the reality of the global jihad, the Huffington Post is working harder than ever to push the Muslim victimhood myth.

Friday it published a whiny article by a hijab-wearing Muslim political science professor, Dalia F. Fahmy, titled “Silence on Rising Anti-Muslim Sentiment is Racist and Un-American.” This is bitterly ironic coming from HuffPo, which is unflaggingly silent about the worldwide jihad threat.

“Fear of Islam,” Fahmy claimed, “has become more prominent in everyday political discourse than ever before.” Imagine repeating this with a straight face in 2015, when Jews are being stabbed by Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar,” not just in Israel, but in France as well, as imams preach sermons in mosques while brandishing daggers and suicide vests, exhorting Muslims to stab Jews and “cut them into body parts.”

Is Dalia Fahmy okay with this incitement to genocide?

She begins her article with an account of a stabbing of a different kind: “This past Thursday, in Brooklyn, NY, a man was stabbed in the stomach in front of his wife and 5 year-old child. ‘I’m going to stab you because you’re Arabic and deserve it,’ his assailant allegedly stated.”

How do we know that the assailant said he was attacking because they were Arabs? How can we trust such claims after cases such as that of Shaima Alawadi? Kassim Alhimidi was convicted in April 2014 of beating his wife, Shaima Alawadi, to death in their California home. It was an Islamic honor killing, but it was more than that: after Shaima Alawadi was brutally beaten to death, the Alawadi family blamed Americans that oppose jihad for her murder.

Family members said they had found a note near Alawadi’s body, calling them terrorists and telling the family to go back where they came from. They said they had found a similar note at their home weeks earlier, but they didn’t keep it or report it.

The smear merchants, libelous Islamic supremacists, and their apologists went into overdrive. The media’s favorite Khomeinist and Iran nuke deal supporter, Reza Aslan, screamed bloody murder, blaming Robert Spencer and me for the murder. But when Shaima Alawadi’s husband was found to have been the perpetrator, and the “Islamophobic” note a fabrication, these jackals offered not one word of retraction or apology.

In a similar case in New Jersey, a Muslim named Kashif Parvaiz arranged the murder of his wife and told police that his wife had been attacked by “Islamophobes.”

Fahmy doesn’t mention those cases. Nor does she mention the New Jersey Muslim accused of beheading two Coptic Christians. Yet she takes the claims in the Brooklyn case at face value. But with all this precedent of deception, why should we?

Fahmy does mention, and lament, “the arrest of a boy with a clock.” Clock Boy Ahmed Mohamed is a sign of rising anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States? Clock Boy, who brought a clock that looked like a suitcase bomb to school and was then hailed as a hero worldwide and invited to the White House? Clock Boy who was celebrated at the United Nations, where he met world leaders, including the Prime Minister of Turkey?

Clock Boy who went to Sudan and hugged a genocidal and vicious mass murderer, its President Omar al-Bashir? Clock Boy who was showered with gifts by Microsoft and Google, and courted by MIT, all because he was a victim of “Islamophobia” when he wasn’t even a victim of “Islamophobia” at all, but of school officials’ zero-tolerance policy for weapons?

Meanwhile, one non-Muslim boy was suspended from school for reading the Bible during recess. Another seven-year-old boy was suspended for chewing his Pop Tart into the shape of a gun. Where are their invitations to the White House?

Remember: not 24 hours after meeting the President of the United States, Clock Boy Ahmed Mohamed’s family announced they were moving to Qatar because of “Islamophobia.” Ahmed’s sister said that Qatar was a lot like Texas, except that the family would be surrounded by “Muslims like themselves.” Isn’t that racist and supremacist?

There is no greater article of hate and misogyny than the burka. It is the most tangible anti-woman symbol known to the world. Covering up every inch of a woman is deeply offensive and insulting. But in America, Muslim women are free to wear it. In some Muslim countries under the sharia, however, Muslim women are not free not to wear it. Why doesn’t that arouse Fahmy’s ire?

Why, also, doesn’t Fahmy distinguish between beheading, jihad, and Islam? Why is fear of jihad, beheading, female genital mutilation, Jew-hatred, and creed apartheid not a value shared between Muslims and non-Muslims? Why does Fahmy ascribe opposition to all this to “anti-Muslim” sentiment? How “Islamophobic” of her.

The Huffington Post reports that the sky is green, every day, day in and day out, for years: they report that there is no jihad problem and that Muslims are victims. There is no reportage in the Huffington Post, no facts. There is fiction, only fiction. How can you argue against the anti-real? They are misleading Americans into complacency about the jihad threat. This is evil.


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