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As Media Held Your Attention With Impeachment Trial, These Things Were Going On

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Published on: January 31, 2020

It’s interesting to see all that has been passed by a Democrat-controlled House in line with President Donald Trump that infringes on American liberties while this impeachment fiasco continues on.  It’s also interesting to see stories that should be brought to the people’s attention for action buried under mountains of this impeachment trial.  In this episode of The Sons Of Liberty, I took time to talk about a few of these items from the past week.

Shows and articles mentioned in this episode:

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Super Bowl LIV Will Feature Drag Queens Ad For First Time Ever

Secret Service & US Marshals Are Unconstitutionally Expanding Their Services Into Public Schools

French Intellectual Renaud Camus Sentenced To 2 Months In Prison For Referring To Mass Immigration As “Invasion”

Another Biden Money Scandal: Ashley Biden Organization Received $166,000 Federal Grant While Dad Was VP

Journalist Demands Trump DOJ Answer Why It Demands Permissions To Exercise Rights Protected Under Second Amendment While Crowing About No Permissions To Exercise Rights Protected Under First Amendment

USMCA Was Not Trump’s Idea – Study Shows 57% Of It Contains TPP That He Opposed

Super Bowl LIV Will Feature Drag Queens Ad For First Time Ever

Delirious LGBT Tackles Football: Petition calls for Super Bowl boycott for Airing Ad with Drag Queens


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