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As The COVID Shot Mind Control Isn’t Work, Ruling Class Tries To Panic Masses Into Taking It

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Published on: June 29, 2021

The mainstream media is continuing their fear-mongering in hopes of panicking the masses into getting the experimental gene therapy shot at the demands of the rulers. They are going so far as to say that the “young, over 50s, and unvaccinated” are at risk for the “delta variant.”

But, we have plenty of evidence that has come from their own written words and mouths that they are lying, least of all that the COVID-19 “vaccine” is not a vaccine.

“Delta Variant” Fear Mongering Reason Confirmed By MSM

They have all but come out and said that this “vaccine” is not effective.  If it was, people would not be being told to continue to wear their ritualistic shame muzzles which are supposedly “effective” too. This continues to get more and more outrageous as we are expected to believe the absolute most asinine correlations. For example:

WHO: The Fully “Vaccinated” Should Still Wear Masks

And what about this:

MSM Tries To Convince The Public Deaths From COVID After Being Vaxxed Means The Shot Is “Effective”

The MSM, notably CNBC, is now saying that the “unvaccinated” are not safe from the delta variant in a recent headline.  However, not too far into the article, we read this:

Delta is more contagious than previous variants and there’s evidence it increases the risk of hospitalization and is more resistant to vaccines. –CNBC

Is the point of the “vaccine” control and compliance? Is that it? Is it more sinister than that? Is there something in it that the masters need to get into each and every slave?

Last week, the World Health Organization warned that delta is the fastest and fittest coronavirus strain yet, and it will “pick off” the most vulnerable people, especially in places with low Covid-19 vaccination rates. If that’s the case, why is the WHO trying to force the fully “vaccinated” to still wear masks? Is it because they know and have admitted through omission that the “vaccine” isn’t a vaccine, and therefore, not effective at stopping the COVID-19 virus that hasn’t even been isolated?

MSM: Vaccines Will Not Be Enough To Stop COVID-19

This has become too hard to miss, people. Those in power are only there because enough slaves somehow still believe others have the right to rule them. We have got to start breaking this cognitive dissonance and Stockholm syndrome or we will all be subjected to the same things as the other “compliant” slaves.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

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