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Barack Obama hypocritically stirs Ferguson’s Racial Tensions

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Published on: November 25, 2014

In what has turned out to be an amazing display of hypocrisy by Barack Obama and the step-father of Michael Brown, Obama tried to appeal to law as a basis for accepting the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Brown. Meanwhile, Brown’s step-father, who had previously called for peace and calm, erupted following the decision with shouts of “Burn this bitch down!”

On Monday evening, Obama said, “I join Michael’s parents in asking anyone who protests this decision to do so peacefully.”

Apparently, Obama didn’t hear that Brown’s step-father had changed his tune. Wearing a shirt that read, “I am Michael Brown,” Louis Head, with his pants hanging off his rear like a thug, hugged his wife Lesley McSpadden who just said that she “never done nothing to nobody (not really),” began shouting “Burn this bitch down” over and over. At one point, he even called for a microphone to blast out his lawless cries.

However, Obama continued his speech, “We are a nation built on the rule of law, so we need to accept that this decision was the grand jury’s to make.”

Is that so Mr. Obama? Since we are a nation of laws, why won’t you enforce immigration laws? Why will you violate the US Constitution and your oath of office by ignoring the enumerated powers of the executive branch and take for yourself powers you were not granted by the people concerning immigration? Does the law not apply to any of the various scandals and criminal activities of your administration?

Furthermore, what business is it of yours what takes place in the state of Missouri? That is a state issue, not a federal one. But you like to stoke the fires of racism, don’t you Obama? You love to stir up the people for your own agenda and the agenda of your handlers.

He then went on to say, “In too many parts of this country, a deep distrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color… We need to recognize that this is not just an issue for Ferguson. This is an issue for America.”

Is there anyone in New Mexico that distrust police officers after they have been taught to use more deadly force (no matter the color of someone’s skin), have shot at vehicles with children inside, shot a 19-year-old white girl dead, killed another man after a rally against the Albequerque Police Department for doing just that, and murdered a homeless white man on camera? These out of control police officers have been involved in forced enemas, cavity searches and forced surgeries with a warrant. In at least one of those cases one man won a lawsuit against APD, but the question remains, is this only and issue of the color of one’s skin and not the content of character?

While I grant that there are people who despise others merely because of their skin color, I believe the larger issue is one of character. In other words, it all comes back to the sinful nature of man.

There are many excellent policemen who treat others as they wish to be treated. I have met them. I even attend church with one such man. They are not looking to do anything other than enforce the law and are not seeking to put themselves into situations where they don’t belong. For those who serve in such a capacity, thank you. It is those that do not serve as you do who are the problem. Remember the old saying, “A rotten apple spoils the bunch.”

The reality though, in all of this, is that Barack Obama’s words are specific to those in the black community. He’s done it before in the Trayvon Martin case, in the Henry Louis Gates incident and even on individual states legislation Voter ID laws. If you are reading this and are thinking I’m out of line, let me say clearly, Obama and his posse is baiting you. He’s baiting you just like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the New Black Panthers are. He’s hoping that you will rebel and his entire aim is to incite you to insurrection so that he can drop the hammer down on your and your community.

Don’t believe me? Listen to one of your own. He’s telling you the truth.

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