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Ferguson – Choosing Chaos over Common Sense

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Published on: November 26, 2014

The Grand Jury decision regarding indictment of Darren Wilson in the shooting incident of Michael Brown has been issued. There will be no indictment. The justice system has issued their response based on evidence presented to the grand jury.

What has been the community response? All you have to do is open up any internet, print or television news media to find out – the entire space has been filled with stories detailing Obama’s response, the Democratic Black Caucus response, and the protestors response. When the justice system issues a response that is not liked by some individuals, the response is to “fix the broken criminal laws,” riot in the streets and destroy businesses, declare the officer a “murderer,” and call the process a “f***ing joke.”

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This entire incident has produced nation-wide anger divided along racial lines. A white police officer shot and killed, in the line of duty, a black man. The reverse happened in Salt Lake City, Utah. A black police officer shot and killed, in the line of duty, a white man just two days after the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri. Funny, this incident was not seen as “racially motivated.” And, when you bring that up to those who are angry over the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting incident, their response goes to silence for a brief second before the subject of “white privilege” is invoked with “scientific studies” cited in an attempt to prove the point. These supposed “studies” were based on anything but science since any true “scientific” study has to meet the requirements of the scientific method.

For a certain sect of the population, it has become acceptable to commit crimes in order to “protest” a decision rendered by the justice system. And, for the record, the certain sect of the population includes individuals of all races; however, video evidence from Ferguson appears to show a large portion of that sect to be black.

Crime is crime and breaking the law is breaking the law regardless of the rationale. Why is it justifiable to destroy businesses, loot wares, terrorize the community and engage in anti-social behavior when a decision is rendered that one doesn’t like? To be frank, it isn’t. Individuals have a choice. These individuals choose to act criminally. They use the excuse of an unfavorable decision on an issue they embrace emotionally to justify their criminal behavior.

These individuals choose to harm innocent business owners through destruction and theft of property to “punish the man.” They choose to punish their own community for the perceived “injustice” to what – someone they wanted punished, regardless of what the law states, received a just and lawful outcome. These individuals choose to terrorize their community and neighbors for a decision they oppose.

Civil unrest – a ploy taken right out of the Saul Alinksy playbook, “Rules for Radicals.” It’s easy enough to manipulate those who stand for nothing, as they will fall for everything. Individuals should think like individuals instead of buying into the “group think” mentality.

Using the “Ferguson” rational and mentality, the people of Salt Lake City, Utah should be tearing up the town, terrorizing their communities and destroying businesses because of the shooting of Dillon Taylor. But, the media remained silent on this incident as it was “nothing to see here” since it was a black on white incident and Taylor had prior convictions. What a difference a biased media makes.

Just like Taylor, Brown had a prior criminal past; and, just like Taylor, a report was made about a possible crime involving Brown. Both cases resulted in officers being dispatched to investigate. Both cases resulted in a shooting death, but only one case caused a community to erupt into utter chaos.

Taylor never charged the police officer, never assaulted the officer and never responded inappropriately to the officer. He reached for his cell phone and the officer discharged his firearm. Taylor happened to be listening to music through earphones and never heard the officer, according to reports.

Brown, on the other hand, did the exact opposite of Taylor, according to some reports and witnesses. To be honest, even the witnesses couldn’t get their story straight. This, however, did not stop the total media frenzy that resulted from the Ferguson shooting – a frenzy instigated in cahoots with government along a preconceived agenda. Unfortunately, this “frenzy” has gotten beyond control.

Now, the make-up of the grand jury containing 3 black individuals and 9 white individuals will further incite claims of “racism” and “white privilege” as one individual stated to me that it was probably the “all white members” who voted not to indict the officer since 9 voted not to indict. This assumption was based on the two-thirds or three-quarters votes of members of the grand jury needed to issue a ruling. When the assumption was confronted, the assumption was acknowledged, but immediately followed with ‘”you know it probably was.”

Regardless of the process and regardless of the law, it appears the rule of men has invaded the minds of many. Perceived injustice has become the rational for chaos and lawlessness, crime with impunity. There has been no acknowledgment of the role of the media, the race-baiters, the man in the Oval Office, the Department of Justice or “lack of common sense” individuals have played in this incident. Nothing less will satisfy these “blood-thirsty” pundits than having Officer Wilson hung, drawn and quartered. From the reaction in Ferguson, the unrest may continue until they get it.

What ever happened to personal responsibility? What ever happened to “choosing” your response to a situation? There is always a choice – it may not be one you like, but it is a choice. These so-called “protestors” have a choice. They choose to commit crimes in response to the grand jury outcome. Where are the arrests of these individuals breaking the law? Where is the outcry of the injustice these “protestors” are inflicting on innocent business owners, bystanders and their own community. It’s nowhere to be found.

The fire has been lit. The pot placed and stirred. Now, it has boiled over. Still, no one does anything to stop it. In fact, they fan the flames, add more fuel to the fire and call for ever more ridiculous actions.

Meanwhile, the government, using its sleight of hand, is set to strike further discord against all in America with their “rule of men” policies. Right now, many Americans need a giant crowbar to dig their head out from where the sun don’t shine to see what’s going on. For those who enjoy favor today, they may be on the receiving end of disfavor tomorrow.

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