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Was Benedict Arnold a Traitor?

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Published on: January 9, 2015

Was Benedict Arnold a traitor? Indeed, he was! He was one of the worst traitors ever! Today, we are going to talk about Benedict Arnold and his treachery towards America and the American Army. This takes place in the 1700s during the Revolutionary war.

One of the best generals in the American Army was Benedict Arnold. In fact, Benedict Arnold was at Fort Ticonderoga with Ethan Allen and helped fight the British at the second battle of Saratoga. He was even considered a hero at the time for a while.

Soon after that, people finally figured out what he was about. They discovered that he was giving valuable information about the American Army to the British Army. He did this for one and a half years! What a traitor! Soon after that, Benedict Arnold was made a brigadier general in the British Army.

Although he still fought in the war, he was now fighting for the British Army! What Arnold did was absolute betrayal. He fought with the American Army for a while (pretending like he was a good man) until people figured out that he was really working for the British Army. That is the definition of the the word traitor!

After the war was over, Arnold lived in Canada. While he was in Canada, he tried to make lots of money, but in vain. Benedict Arnold became deep in debt and died after that.

One of the reasons I am writing to you about this guy is because it is always important to know your history. History means His-story (God’s Story). It is important for us to know His-story.

For example, a couple months ago, I used to think that Benedict Arnold was a good guy. But I was sadly mistaken! When I looked at history, I found out that Arnold was a traitor to America and America’s Army. That is why you and I should always study history.

For example, how will you know how your country won its liberty and independence without a knowledge of your country’s history? If you do not study the past, you will be ignorant to your future.

Well, my friends that is the story of Benedict Arnold the traitor. I hope you understand the story of how he betrayed America better now and always remember, History is very important.

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