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Mark Steyn Blasts the “Pansified” Western Media for Not Standing Up to Terrorists

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Published on: January 9, 2015

Mark Steyn is a brilliant conservative commentator who can often be found on the pages of the National Review, or on the radio shows of conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

He was a guest of Megyn Kelly’s on Fox News Wednesday night when he expertly explained why it was that a small-time magazine like Charlie Hebdo could be picked out for attack like they were.

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Steyn makes a few brilliant points in his conversation with Megyn Kelly, but the two I want to highlight most, because I think it does get to the heart of some very serious matters are: 

  1. The media’s culpability in the attack
  2. Liberals refusal to be realistic about the war on terror

First, Steyn lays some of the blame at the feet of the “pansified” Western media. He blames major news outlets for refusing to run stories that will anger world Muslims, because it unequally distributes the danger. Publications like Charlie Hebdo, which are willing to run offensive content, have to shoulder the burden of danger for expressing unpopular or possibly offensive material. Had the world’s major magazines and newspapers chosen to run the cartoons of Muhammad years ago, after they became a news item, Charlie Hebdo would likely not have been in such grave danger. But the major outlets chose to be cowards… and that leaves the smaller, braver outlets in much danger.

Second, John Kerry, Barack Obama and most other liberals refuse to acknowledge the obvious truth at play. We are at war with “radical” Islam (however you choose to define it). We are not at war with every Muslim… but we are at war with millions of Muslims. Because millions of Muslims support terrorism. Because Millions of Muslims would prefer to see us dead than alive and flourishing. Because Millions of Muslims believe that infidels like you and me are subhuman and not of any value unless we convert. We cannot coexist peacefully with people who believe that, because our lives will always matter less and that will always create strife. Always.

On both fronts, Steyn is right. Until we recognize that our freedoms must always come first and that we are at war with Islam… we won’t be fighting at full strength.


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