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Biblical Civil Governing Principles Censored from Pulpits

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Published on: September 17, 2015

In our concern for the direction America is headed, it is easy to point fingers at those public figures who are obviously destroying it. But the question is, “Who is responsible for the condition of our nation?”  Answer: “We the People,” which includes “‘We the Believers” and “We the Ungodly.”  Sadly, “We the Believers,” by our silence, have given tacit consent to “We the Ungodly” to govern our nation any way they want! Now the “saltless” salt is being trampled (Matt. 5:13)!

So, what should we do? First pray, then ponder this as a possible answer. Not only is the Bible being censored from the public arena, but it is also being censored from many pulpits!

Consider this illustrative consequence:

A Bible teacher after opening the class with prayer, asked those in attendance to mentally go through their library at home to see if they had any books on government. But they were not to give an audible or visual response. Next was the question, “How many of you have been asked to bring a book on government to a class like this?” Again, no outward response to be given.

The teacher next said, “Well, I have brought a book on government,” reached down, then held up a Bible.

Of course there were lots of surprised looks as to why anyone would think of the Bible as a book on government! The teacher went on to say, “Govern means ‘to control, regulate, restrain, or direct.’ Next comes the question, ‘who or what, controls, regulates, restrains or directs?’ Sadly, many Christians now think of government in a very limited way, thereby excluding themselves from stewardship of our civil government.”

Let us prayerfully consider this for a possible solution:

  • Are there principles that govern the universe? Absolutely! Creation vs. Evolution.
  • Are there principles that govern individuals? Evangelism is key here. But we know there is a vast difference in Christians governed by Biblical principles vs. Humanistic ones.
  • Are there principles that govern a husband and wife relationship? Lifelong marriage vs. divorce
  • What about parent/child relationships? Who or what controls the family; a wild 3 year old, rebellious teens or parents under God?
  • What about Biblical governing principles for congregations?
  • What about businesses, finances and economics? Thankfully, many churches teach from the pulpit Biblical principles relating to these areas. The correct thinking is, “If it is important, it will be taught from the pulpit.”

If we agree it is important Christians be taught so areas mentioned above will be governed by Biblical principles, why have far too many churches in America censored from the pulpit teachings of Biblical principles which govern and affect us all in that vast civil sphere?

Because of this current pulpit censorship, where are Christians getting their worldview of civil government if not from the pulpit? More than likely, from their public school Humanistic education, from society in general and a very biased media, in particular. Then, we wonder why many Christians vote for the wrong, ungodly candidates and for the wrong issues at elections! Truth sets us free, not lies of Humanism (John 8:32).

It appears we have bowed our knees to revised history textbook writers and publishers who censored God from our textbooks starting in the early 1900’s, so we no longer give God glory for His mighty acts in America’s history. In Judges 2:8-15, we see the consequence of a nation’s young people who had not been taught what God had done for their nation. They forsook Him and went after Baals, and God gave them over to their enemies. This certainly sounds like today! Read Hosea 4:6.

By our actions, we believe America’s government was formed by “random chance” instead of God’s “purpose and design.” What other nation has had such great freedom for the Gospel? Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (2 Corinthians 3:17).

It appears far too many churches in America have been so conformed to the world they now operate under:

  • “Don’t mix politics with religion.” or
  • “Separation of Church and State” or
  • “We don’t want to lose our 501c 3” or
  • “We must be politically correct.” Or
  • “We must be about eternal values, like evangelism, not government.”

Why isn’t working to protect our freedom of religion so we can evangelize, being about eternal values? Plus, the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19,20 includes teaching them to observe ALL things that I have commanded, which includes teaching what the Bible says about civil government!

But, there is also the lie, “America wasn’t founded on the Bible, but on other religions.” Sadly, some supposed Christians promote that lie, and so deny God by claiming America’s great freedom for over 235 years to share the Gospel here and abroad, came from other gods! Shockingly, Christian leaders, uninformed of our nation’s rich Godly history, believe this lie and have inadvertently joined forces with those working for America’s demise!

These are just a few of the LIES keeping Christians from being equipped, vocal and active in the civil sphere. This silence, of course, is so contrary to our history’s patriot pastors who taught Biblical civil governing principles so “We the Believers” were equipped to found our civil government on the Bible and sustain it! Those civil governing principles taught from the pulpit then are now rarely, if ever, heard. Are today’s pastors and other church leaders aware of this problem? Thankfully, patriot pastors are forming again to help them. Please share this info with your pastor so he, as well as you, can learn more from Biblical patriotic ministries.

Keep in mind, “The state of our nation lies in the hands of “We the People/Believers,” who MUST be equipped in Biblical civil governing principles and act! God bless America and God deliver us from the Uninformed, the Deceived and the Deceivers!

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