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Biden Selected, Not Elected – Look For The Dirtiest Election In US History

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Published on: August 13, 2020

The Biden campaign and the DNC finally announced Kamala Harris as their Vice President pick. Joe Biden had nothing to do with the decision since he isn’t mentally capable of making that choice, given he is in full-blown Dementia and getting worse each passing day.  This is due in part to his two brain surgeries in 1988, the first to repair an aneurism in an artery that supplies blood to the right side of the brain, the second was a precautionary surgical procedure. These surgeries certainly didn’t help him in his current state of mental deterioration. As it is, Biden is hardly able to put a sentence together and is clearly more deteriorated than he was at the beginning of his campaign in 2019.

Everyone in the government of all political parties and most of the voting public knows Biden isn’t capable of holding down a job at a gift shop, much less holding the toughest job in the world of being the president of the United States.

Biden has only reached as far as he has by a planned design of the Socialist Left in which they chose him as a figurehead for their presidential candidate. Then later, they have him supposedly pick a VP running mate who is the real presidential candidate and have him either drop out of the race or quickly resign after getting elected. This plan also allows full-blown Socialists like Bernie Sanders and AOC to become integral parts of the new anti-American Regime.

This elaborate plan by the Left could never have been possible with a fair election process, hence why there are so many cases of voter fraud and manipulation in the 3-19/2020 primaries.

The main example of just how dirty the elections process has become in this country is Biden beating Sanders in the primary. Biden has struggled in every rally he has had to even get over 100 people in attendance, while Sanders has had thousands at every one of his. This in itself says there is no way Biden could have beat Sanders at the polls. In a fair election, Biden would have been lucky to win one state.

Kamala Harris was so disliked by voters, donors, and other support bases that she suspended her presidential bid in the early going in 2019, which speaks volumes for her support as VP and likely presidential candidate, now.

So, we have the Biden/Harris ticket, two of the most unpopular people with voters to ever run for the Oval Office, who got to where they are by being selected, not elected. The Socialist Left is even more confident of winning this November than they were in 16 when Obama had the Department of Homeland Security rig electronic ballots in most major cities under the guise of preventing election fraud for a Clinton win.

In hopes of sealing the deal of a win by completely rigging the ballots, the Dems are pushing for an all-mail-in election in November. This, despite the massive evidence that mail-in ballots are very easily manipulated to favor a certain candidate or ballot measure.!

The only way to defeat the Socialist coup attempt at the ballot box in November is for everyone who believes in the United States as a sovereign constitutional nation, independent of the NWO globalist influence of the United Nations to get out and vote. The Socialist Left thought they had the 16 elections in the bag for Clinton, by having every major city’s ballots rigged for her, but we managed to defeat them by having massive turnouts in all rural areas of the country. They have had 4 years to perfect their massive voter fraud and manipulation since then, thus a Donald Trump win is even going to be harder to come by this time around. This is why it is essential for everyone who believes in America to get out and vote this November. We must come out in such numbers for President Trump that it overwhelms the system. This is the only way to save the US from a total takeover from Nazi core Socialists, who want to transform the country into a totalitarian Hell hole.

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