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Biden’s Top Intel Agency Prohibits Terms Such as ‘Jihadist’ and ‘Radical Islamists’ As Jihad Terrorists Pour Across the Border in Biden’s Invasion

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Published on: March 25, 2024

Sharia as US policy. Under Islamic law, it is prohibited to criticize or insult Islam.

A jihad terror attack is coming. The  Biden regime’s concern is not the protection and the defense of the American people, it’s protecting  the most brutal ideology on the face of the earth.

Kurt Schlichter writes, “It happened in Israel, and it happened in Moscow, and it’s going to happen here in America – again, and exponentially worse. The jihadis’ merciless war against the West – the Muslim fanatics are not so finicky as we are about our distinctions between the Jewish state, Russia, and us, the Great Satan – did not end when the regime media started covering other things. We may have fled Afghanistan and Libya and largely pulled out of Iraq, but that war is still going on. It’s going to go on until we decisively win it. But unfortunately, our ruling class refuses to decisively win it. In fact, our ruling class actively undermines attempts to win it. And it refuses to prepare for what’s coming.

Our ruling class refuses to acknowledge this and refuses to act. Instead, it actively subverts attempts to stop the jihad. It won’t shut our border. It opposes Israel’s plan to go in to the last infestation of Hamas and blow up its tunnel complexes. It won’t work effectively with the Russians to fight jihadis even though we share that enemy despite our other conflicts…… (read more)

Top intel agency’s DEI newsletter states that terms such as ‘Jihadist’ and ‘Radical Islamists’ must be avoided

By Spencer Lindquist • Mar 21, 2024,

The below story is the second part of a series on the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s DEI newsletter, “The Dive.” You can read part one, “Biden’s Top Intelligence Agency Says Crossdressing Makes Man ‘Better Intelligence Officer,’ Internal Docs Show,” here.

An internal newsletter sent by diversity, equity, and inclusion officials in the Biden administration’s top intelligence agency warns personnel not to use “problematic phrases” when discussing Islamic terrorism and foreign adversaries such as China, an internal document obtained by The Daily Wire reveals.

The unclassified newsletter from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, called “The Dive” and exclusively obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by The Daily Wire, argues in its cover story that the intelligence community needs to focus on “changing terminology related to counterterrorism,” because “words matter.”

“This article is about one of our goals: disentangling Islam from words and phrases used to discuss terrorism and extremist violence,” writes the author of the article, whose name was redacted from the document released to The Daily Wire. The article declares that it’s trying to remove “certain phrases to identify international terrorism threats that are hurtful to Muslim-Americans.”

“Some of the problematic phrases include, but are not limited to: ‘Salafi-Jihadist,’ ‘Jihadist,’ ‘Islamic-Extremist,’ ‘Sunni/Shia-Extremism,’ and ‘Radical Islamists.’”

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Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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