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In Response To Labor Shortages, US Companies Now Dropping Requirements For Workers

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Published on: November 10, 2021

Now, why these companies don’t just keep the workers they had before they mandated experimental shots is beyond me, but it is what it is.  They are merely digging themselves a deeper hole.  Yet, we are seeing many of them dropping certain requirements in order to fill vacancies, including education and skills requirements.

Ramon Tomey has the story.

Companies in the U.S. are now overhauling their hiring processes and dropping certain requirements for workers. This paradigm shift amid the labor shortage could help millions enter the workforce and fill up much-needed positions.

With job vacancies numbering more than the applicants available, companies have devised ways to attract more people to sign up. Relaxed job requirements mean that nearly two-thirds of American adults without any bachelor’s degrees who may have the skills or aptitude required by well-paying jobs may now have a fighting chance.

According to labor market analytics firm EMSI Burning Glass and private research group Conference Board, 1.4 million jobs will open to people without college degrees in the next five years if companies continue relaxing requirement for potential hires.

They said that based on their data, 42 percent of employment ads for insurance sales agents in January 2019 required a bachelor’s degree. This dropped to 26 percent in September 2021.

Chamber of Commerce Foundation Center for Education and Workforce Vice President Jason Tyszko noted that the shift in labor market was a silver lining in itself. He pointed out that applicants formerly overlooked by recruiters are now appearing in their radar.

“When you have a labor market like this, it’s not uncommon for employers to start relaxing hiring requirements. When the market tightens up – they can reintroduce some of these additional requirements [and] that tends to happen,” Tyszko said. (Related: Chamber of Commerce: Labor shortage plaguing businesses nationwide is worsening.)

Before the current shift, many companies saw a flood of applicants willing to fill up vacancies. Thus, some instituted education and minimum work experience requirements to filter out those suitable for positions. Now, more employers have reconsidered their college degree requirement and are focusing on skills instead.

The Department of Labor said on Nov. 5 that there were 531,000 job vacancies added in October 2021, although unemployment fell from 4.8 percent to 4.6 percent.

Now, I’m not against some of this.  In fact, a college degree, in most cases, is no substitute for experience.  I’d much rather have someone work for me that has experience, especially if they worked from the ground up and learned in the process.

However, there is no doubt in my mind that many of these same companies will continue to act lawlessly and demand people take the experimental COVID shot, and those that they hire who have taken it just might not be around that long at their company anyway.

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