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Black Lives Matter Activists Disrupt Event and Shove Bernie Sanders

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Published on: August 10, 2015

The actions of the #BlackLivesMatter activists leave many Americans with a bitter taste in their mouth. News reports show these uninformed patsies disrupting restaurants and businesses and aggressively harassing Americans trying to accomplish normal activities of daily living. Now, these disrespectful, aggressive “useful idiots” have moved up to disrupting potential presidential candidate campaign speeches at organized community events.

According to The Blaze, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders left a Saturday afternoon event in Seattle, Washington, without giving his speech after being rudely and aggressively shoved away from the microphone by Black Lives Matter activists. In front of several thousand people gathered at Westlake Park, two black women barreled their way to the platform, shoving Sanders aside.

One of the women yelled at Sanders, “If you do not listen to her, your event will be shut down right now!”

Despite attempts by organizers to persuade these rude individuals to wait, these protesters refused. Organizers capitulated and gave the women a few minutes after receiving quite a “talking down.”

“Let her speak or we shut it down!” yelled one of the activists.

“Stop asking questions and let her speak now!”

Sanders and organizers backed off and these women “won” 4 1/2 minutes of stage time by use of aggressive behavior. Naturally, these “women,” if you can call them that, spoke about Ferguson and requested a moment of silent for the slain criminal thug Michael Brown. Graciously, Sanders observed the moment of silence while the crowd continued to talk.

Things turned ugly when one individual from the crowd asked the activists to let Sanders speak. These “protestors” called attendees at the event “white supremacist liberals.” When Sanders tried to retake the microphone after waiting 20 minutes, the women pushed him away. Instead of giving his speech, Sanders gave a goodbye wave, “left the stage with a raised fist salute, and waded into the crowd.” For the next 15 minutes, Sanders shook hands and took photos with supporters in attendance.

“The rally at Westlake Park was organized as a birthday celebration for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”

This video clip shows the demeanor of these “activists.”

That’s a good example of the chickens coming home to roost. Obama, Holder, the entire administration and Democrats fueled the flames of the shooting of criminal thug Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, based on lies, accusations of racism, and biases against white police officers. Gullible people took their bait and ran with it. Even after all the evidence exonerated the police officer, these “useful idiots” continued with their protests based on false information. Naturally, all of this remained championed by this criminal administration full of liberal socialist Democrats while the BLM protestors were targeting business establishments, disrupting business operations and harassing customers. However, these hypocritical supporters of Black Lives Matter now target liberals and Democrats as “white supremacists”; these same groups championed the BLM cause.

What these “activists” have accomplished is turning people against them and their platform due to hypocrisy, attitude, and behavior. Through tears, one claimed they were going to honor all the black lives lost this year and that she had to fight through all people there to declare her life matters. Calling attendees “supremacists and racists” did not help her cause. In one fell swoop, this woman and her supporters became the “front, the face,” of the Black Lives Matter group — a group filled with negative emotions intent on promoting fallacies and violating others.

To begin with, no one scheduled this woman to speak. She disrupted an event that organizers worked hard to coordinate and attain Sanders as a speaker. Second, it is difficult to believe that anyone at that event berated her with any comment lending to the interpretation that her life did not matter. Attendees were there for a Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid birthday party where Sanders was quest speaker. While she made sure to get in the face of others and shove Sanders, she quickly told others to get out of her face and not to touch her. Her actions deserved consequences; however, she operated with impunity.

Since Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings set the precedent of “allowing space to destroy,” it looks like the city of Seattle adopted the policy as well.

Looking at the faces of these “defenders of the race,” one sees anger, hate, resentment and arrogance. They called the killing of Michael Brown a “ruthless murder” instead of what it actually was — a shooting incident in the line of duty involving a police officer and suspect, who attacked the officer. Ruthless murders of blacks happen daily in cities like Detroit, Chicago, and others at the hands of other blacks. It is an epidemic. Instead of protesting the killing of blacks by blacks, the activists protest police shootings of blacks in the line of duty, which occur less than shootings of whites, and target the liberal Democratic base that has backed their outrageous “movement.” These “activists” need to direct their complaints to the blacks killing other blacks and address the black community perpetuating black on black murder. As has so often been said, “Charity begins at home.”

Those disrupting the Seattle event are arrogant, rude, disrespectful, aggressive, angry, physical, forceful, abusive and demanding. They demand their rights while trampling on the rights of others and demand others follow their commands. Try that with them, they yell accusations of oppression, control, racism and supremacy.

If people refuse their demands, they threaten aversive action. What’s even more ironic, these “intelligent” individuals chose to display their “passion” at an event where a Democratic presidential candidate appeared. This group cared not that liberal Democrats supported their cause — whites alongside blacks. What mattered to them was race. To them, all whites are racists and supremacists, period; and, who is it that complains about “racial profiling?”

It was clear that organizers risked assault had they not capitulated.

Where were security personnel or the police? The group definitely caused a disturbance and assaulted a political figure when they shoved Sanders. Imagine if a group other than BLM had even attempted that with Sanders, Hitlery, Warren, or Feinstein. Can you say “Miranda?”

Empathy for their cause remains nil with plenty as this group promotes a lie and uses an “agenda” to bully, oppress, harass and malign others for their own satisfaction. If anyone operates according to “supremacy,” it is the BLM groups. They profess a passion for the loss of life of a black thug while ignoring the innocent black lives taken by the hands of black thugs and the Planned Parenthood baby murder mill created to target blacks with population control. If the truth is told, they care not for black lives lost but use the platform as an agenda to trample the rights of others, particularly whites. These individuals want to use BLM as a rationale to riot, participate in violence, obtain secondary gains and break the law with impunity. Present these unthinking cretins with facts and watch the fireworks. And yes, by their behavior, the term cretin applies as their behavior is uncivilized.

These people are devoid of true compassion, ethics, morality and conviction for black lives lost or any life lost for that matter. Who but that group takes offense to someone declaring all lives matter? The offense is so outrageous politicians and prominent individuals apologized for claiming it. For them, only black thug criminal lives matter since they protest not against murder of babies in the womb or the killing of blacks by other blacks.

Strength comes not from negative emotions but positive ones. Those individuals exhibiting ethics, morality, compassion and conviction based on truth while engaging in civilized behavior attain more than those who operate from anger, deception, violence and oppression. If you have to bully someone to accept your way of thinking or to adopt your position, your position is weak.

As long as police, local governments and individuals refuse to hold them accountable for disturbances and assaults, these arrogant hypocrites will continue in their uncivilized behavior. It is what bullies do. Hopefully, Sanders and organizers of the event will press charges against the disrupters according to the law. It is fitting for their actions.

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