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Muslim World Laughs at Obama’s 50-Rebel Force

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Published on: August 10, 2015

The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday that the Muslim world is laughing over the rapid disintegration of Obama’s pathetic, 50-man, “moderate” Syrian rebel force. Middle East analyst Ali Bakir said: “No one in the Arab world takes this program seriously; I mean, you would need around 50 to 60 people to play paintball but definitely not to fight Islamic State.”

It’s not just the Muslim world that’s laughing at us – the whole world is. CNN reported Thursday that the New Syrian Force had been completely destroyed.

This is the catastrophic failure of Obama’s $500 million U.S. “train and equip” program. Notice how the media never talk about Obama’s “moderate Muslim” training program? Obama’s unicorn division.

What’s worse is that this $500 million dupery was done with Republican congressional approval. And it could only attract 50 “moderates” willing to be trained to fight the Islamic State.

According to the BBC, Capt. Ammar al-Wawi, who actually participated in this failed program, explained: “The project is very slow. They are ready to train and form a national army of 15,000 fighters and we hear they are ready to back it with money, weapons and provide air cover. But in reality, in six months, only 60 fighters were trained. If it takes this long to train 60, it will take decades to get everyone ready.”

The catastrophic failure of this training program is a validation of everything I have said and further proof of the unending denial of the fantasists in the beltway. This entire program is just another symptom of the Obama administration’s refusal to face the reality of the jihad threat.

More of this denial of reality was reported in the New York Times Wednesday: “The FBI, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security are concerned more about the rising risk from the Islamic State, while the Pentagon, intelligence agencies and the National Counterterrorism Center, which focus more on threats abroad, are more anxious about [Al] Qaeda operatives overseas.”

The agencies are split over whether the Islamic State or al-Qaida is the greater threat?

This is still more ishkabibble ishkabobble coming out of the Islamophiliac Obama administration. Both the Islamic State and al-Qaida are motivated and compelled to wage holy war against those who don’t believe in Islam by the same Islamic teachings. The Islamic State (Obama’s “junior varsity” team) is an outgrowth of al-Qaida (which Obama says is “on the run”).

This game of semantics is ridiculous and incoherent – just like spending $500 million to train 50 “moderates” in Syria and send them against the Islamic State.

This is like asking if there is more risk coming for the U.S. Army or the U.S. Navy. They both fight under the same flag in the cause of freedom.

The Islamic State and al-Qaida both fight under the same flag in the cause of Islam. The Obama administration deliberately ignores that. It also ignores that the Islamic State and al-Qaida reached an accord in Syria last November. These groups are both devout. They take their marching orders from the Quran. They both seek to impose Islam across the world, and they both vow to destroy the West. It was a marriage made in Hades.

The destruction of Obama’s 50-man “army” is not his first failure in Syria, either. Last September, the commander of his “vetted moderate” Free Syrian Army admitted that his group was working with the Islamic State.

This is what Obama’s foreign policy establishment has reduced itself to when it comes to Syria: cozying up to al-Qaida (or Iran and Assad) in the name of “countering violent extremism,” namely ISIS, while actually enabling ISIS by arming and training its collaborators, all the while entertaining each other with cocktail party talk of “moderate wings” of al-Qaida.

No wonder the whole world is laughing at us. Obama’s foreign policy would be the stuff of comedy, if it weren’t so tragic.


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