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Black Rifle Coffee Hires US Vets – Opposes Starbucks’ Refugee Hiring

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Published on: February 10, 2017

As Starbucks has come out and stated it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years from 75 different countries in which it does business, the CEO of Black Rifle Coffee believes that those of his country deserve to be hired first, and he has said he’s going to be putting veterans of the united States military to work instead of refugees.

“Let me begin with the news that is immediately in front of us: we have all been witness to the confusion, surprise and opposition to the Executive Order that President Trump issued on Friday, effectively banning people from several predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States, including refugees fleeing wars,” wrote  Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz  on January 29, 2017.  “I can assure you that our Partner Resources team has been in direct contact with the partners who are impacted by this immigration ban, and we are doing everything possible to support and help them to navigate through this confusing period.”

“We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question,” he continued.  “These uncertain times call for different measures and communication tools than we have used in the past. Kevin and I are going to accelerate our commitment to communicating with you more frequently, including leveraging new technology platforms moving forward.  I am hearing the alarm you all are sounding that the civility and human rights we have all taken for granted for so long are under attack, and want to use a faster, more immediate form of communication to engage with you on matters that concern us all as partners.”

He went on to say that Starbucks supports the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the hiring of refugees, opposing the southern border wall, and supporting the Affordable Care Act.

However, when it comes to hiring, the company will develop “plans to hire 10,000 of them over five years in the 75 countries around the world where Starbucks does business.  And we will start this effort here in the U.S. by making the initial focus of our hiring efforts on those individuals who have served with U.S. troops as interpreters and support personnel in the various countries where our military has asked for such support.”

So, they will be looking to hire refugees and those who served alongside US troops, but make no mention of hiring our veterans.  Enter Evan Hafer, CEO of the Black Rifle Coffee Company.

The Washington Times reports:

A Utah-based coffee company is hitting back at Starbucks‘ vow to hire 10,000 refugees in response to President Trump’s extreme vetting program, saying it will hire an equal amount of military veterans instead.

Evan Hafer, CEO of the Black Rifle Coffee Company, said the ubiquitous corporate chain is making a “political statement” designed to mock conservatives, and that its plans are a reach anyway, since Starbucks would need to somehow obtain lists of the displaced.

Mr. Hafer said it makes more sense to do what his Salt Lake City company does: hire American veterans who’ve shouldered a heavy burden and could use a leg up in the workforce.

 “We have bigger fish to fry,” he told The Washington Times in a phone interview. “The U.S. has been at war for 16 years, roughly.”
Hafer is hitting back by claiming he is committed to hiring 10,000 veterans over the next six years.

“It is a lofty goal,” he said.

Indeed, it is.  The company only has about 70 employees, but half of those are veterans, and they have plans to expand their franchise on military installations.

To be fair, Starbucks responded to Hafer’s claims and said that it committed in 2013 to hiring 10,000 veterans within five years, and added that it is set to beat that goal, having employed 8,800 to date.

Hafer also addressed Starbucks’ claim about hiring those who served alongside US troops, saying that he appreciated the sentiment, but said determining such people would be “pretty difficult.”

“Are you going to take their word for it?” he said. “I know how to get a veteran. That is an easy thing to vet.”

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