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Black Sheriff: Race Relations are Worse under Obama – He Built That!

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Published on: December 15, 2014

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke recently blasted the Obama administration’s divide races and conquer strategy as being “destructive for America.”

The outspoken constitutional sheriff appeared alongside FOX News host Megyn Kelly to discuss a FOX News poll that indicated that a majority of those surveyed believe that, under Barack Obama, race relations have gotten worse.

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According to Fox:

…voters are nearly three times as likely to say race relations have gotten worse (62 percent) rather than better (19 percent) since Barack Obama became president.  Another 17 percent say things are the same. 

Majorities of white (65 percent), black (55 percent) and Hispanic voters (56 percent) say race relations have gotten worse under Obama. 

When asked if these people were right in their assessment of the growing racial divide under the Obama administration, the sheriff said, “Of course, they’re right.

“He built that, and he being the President of the United States,” Clarke said in a jesting tone. “Remember that statement, ‘You didn’t build that?’ Well, he built this racial divide. It was a wound that had been healing for a number of years, a number of decades I should say. And he reopened it with his divisive politics.”

President Obama has benefited from the divide and conquer strategy and has secured two successive electoral victories for the White House, but it’s been very destructive for America,” Clarke added.

Clarke then posed the question, “Who would have thought that after the election of the first black president in the history of the united states we would need a period of reconstruction to try to put this country back together?”

When asked what specifically he believes Obama has done or not done regarding race relations, Clarke said that Obama had “fanned those flames” and specifically said that it went all the way back to the Henry Louis Gates situation.

However, the sheriff pointed out that Barack Obama had a “Gettysburg Address” moment slip right through his fingers.

“Instead of taking a more neutral tone and trying to get people to stay calm about this matter, he fanned those flames. This was a chance for Barack Obama to have a Gettysburg address moment where he could have asked the country to come back together and heal, and instead all we get out of him is being present.”

Clarke then stated that it wasn’t just Barack Obama, but “all” of those he surrounds himself with, including Attorney General Eric Holder.

Though Kelly added that Obama provided caveats to his statements about police that they have the right to return home safely and all, Sheriff Clarke wasn’t to be swayed from pointing out the obvious.

Referring to Obama, Clarke said, “He said the other day that he blamed bad training and he also said ‘this fear of people who don’t look like them,’ and he was referring to the police. I thought that was disgusting. So, while he may throw a few things in there…. A few bones, if you will, you know to try to smooth things out, people know what he’s doing.”

“He does this stuff with a wink and a nod,” Clarke added.

Clarke said that Eric Holder claims Americans are cowards to have the discussion about race, but he says that he isn’t a coward and stands ready to engage in that discussion.

“We have to ask when white society is going to be through paying for the sins of slavery,” the sheriff asked. “We’re now punishing people for sins they didn’t commit. At some point… and I’ve done this myself… I’ve forgiven and I’ve moved on. I’ve stamped that bill marked for the wrongs of slavery paid in full. This country is now open for opportunities for all people. Instances of discrimination, racism had to go underground. Ok, it’s been uprooted, the president of the United States said a couple of days ago that they were deep rooted, and that’s simply not true.”

“So we have to have that discussion as to when we’re really gonna be ready to move on and forgive people, especially people today who have no connection to what’s being talked about,” Clarke concluded.

Recently, Clarke blasted those engaged in race baiting and the rioters in Ferguson, calling them “vultures.”

Sheriff Clarke burst on the scene last year encouraging residents of his county to protect themselves and their families, which he was summarily chastised by liberals for insinuating that people actually buy guns and protect themselves rather than be dependent upon police. He has been a strong advocate of the Constitution and specifically the Second Amendment.

While Clarke asks the question about needing reconstruction after a black president, I can safely assure him that there were many of us who could have answered that question in the affirmative, knowing the person of Barack Hussein Obama and those he associated himself with. Had Sheriff Clarke been president, I think we all can agree that reconstruction would not be necessary.

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