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Boston Nazis Picked On The Wrong Woman Over Vaxx Pass (Video)

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Published on: January 17, 2022

A Boston pizzeria allowed five women and a girl to order food and some water.  All were “unvaccinated.”  So, the store manager called the police on them because they didn’t present proof of being part of the COVID experiment by taking the deadly jab.  That’s when Shana Cottone, one of the women that ordered food and had the Nazis called on her started to shame the cops as a friend livestreamed it on Facebook.

What’s interesting is that Cottone was a Boston Police Sergeant who was placed on leave and relived of her badge earlier this year after criticizing the city’s unlawful shot mandate.  She’s also the leader of Boston First Responders United, which is a group that formed to oppose the unlawful mandates.

While she shame the Nazis, she and her friends continued eating and drinking.

She called on the Nazis to do the right thing and stand against the tyrants.  They were too busy wondering who would be changing their diapers later.

Cottone asked for the officers badge numbers and threatened to sue them individually if they persisted in removing her and her friends.

Following a brief talk with the owner, Nazi Officer Arigonas said, “I am a police officer and I got called. I am here to talk to you.”

“About what?” Cottone replied.

“The manager of the establishment says you guys won’t show your vaccination cards,” Arigonas said.

“That’s crap. We don’t show papers,” Cottone said, clearly a reference to Nazi Germany.

“Okay, guess what?,” the Nazi officer said.  “It’s a private establishment and that’s what they want. They want to see it. It’s mandated by the city and if you guys don’t want to show that, you guys can’t sit down. You can do take-out.”

While the Boston Nazis persist in trying to get the women to leave, they just continue eating and drinking and shaming them.

However, nature being what it is, Ms. Cottone needed to use the restroom, so she got up and made her way towards the restroom with the Nazis and the owner in hot pursuit.

The woman videoing the event spoke up, “Imagine on Martin Luther King Day, brother, discriminating against other black people.  You turn your back on your own people. You’re a Nazi.”

Of course, the Boston Nazis continue to use the same tired, old saw that they are just doing their job, which didn’t work for the Nazis in Nuremberg.

“That’s the problem! So, we’re the Nazis!” one woman said. “You decide what part of history you want to be on.”

“They did the same sh*t to Rosa Parks, so, we’ll park our butts right on the bus,” another woman said.

After returning from the restroom, Ms. Cottone told the Nazis, “If you are not going to stand by your oath, you shouldn’t be on this job. I am enjoying this product that I purchased here, and you’re going to leave me in peace and you’re going to sue you each individually.”

“Violating people’s rights is not how policing is done,” Cottone told the Nazis.  “We protect people’s rights. We don’t enforce mandates, we protect rights.”

She then called them out by name.

“Anthony, don’t walk away from me because you know you’re doing the wrong thing,” she continued.  “You can stand up against it, okay? Gino Fernandez, my classmate, fourteen years, resigned yesterday. He gave his gun and his badge away. They took my gun and my badge a week and a half ago. Gino gave his back yesterday because he is not going to participate in a corrupt system. You guys can do that too, but you’re bribed by money. You’ve been corrupted by money.  Money will never make you righteous.”

She finished off with, “This is wrong guys. You don’t have to do it.”

Just a few days before, Cottone led a protest against Mayor Michelle Wu’s unlawful mandates, referred to as “B Together.”  Take a look as she pimps for Big Pharma.

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