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Boy Scouts of America – Next Victims of the Sodomite Agenda

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Published on: May 23, 2015

It is very difficult to survive 105 years as an organization.  Any organization would have difficulty making it that long, but a club for boys?  With all the changes that have occurred in our culture since 1910, it is amazing that an organization, founded on Christian virtues and hard work, has made it this far.  But, this truth makes it even more painful to see her cave.

Christian News reports:

The president of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) [Robert Gates] called for an end to the organization’s ban on openly homosexual scout leaders on Thursday, stating that the group must either conform to society or risk legal ramifications that could possibly spell the end of the Boy Scouts.


It is indisputable the great value the BSA has been to our country and men in countless generations.  Not just for those who were members as boys, but even to their sons and daughters.  It has helped to produce men who were able to achieve and succeed.  But, is the organization itself more important than what it had stood for from its founding until now?

It seems it has become so.

“We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be,” Gates declared during the organization’s annual meeting in Atlanta on Thursday. “The status quo in our movement’s membership standards cannot be sustained.”

Robert Gates, president of BSA, is a distinguished man.  Gates served as the Secretary of the State under two presidents.  He was the head of the CIA.  Gates is a man whom I have respected. Even if I have not always agreed with him, he had seemed to me to be a man of integrity.  I do not want to pretend that what he said concerning this issue is incorrect, but do we teach our children, and especially our boys, that it is okay to surrender if you are going to lose?

“We cannot ignore growing internal challenges to our current membership policy from some councils,” he said. “Nor can we ignore the social, political and juridical changes taking place in our country—changes taking place at a pace over this past year no one anticipated.”

Yes, but we cannot ignore 105 years of dogged determination.  We cannot ignore the safety of our children in the face of a pedophilia-infested group of sexual deviants.  Men who have unnatural sexual proclivities toward members of the same sex will now be given charge over young defenseless boys.  They have no restraint on these unnatural proclivities and then, because of money and legal issues, you offer up the sons of America to these perverts to save an organization.  This is inexplicable.

This is not an issue of not seeing things the same.  It is not an issue of whether I think their behavior outside of BSA activities is immoral or sinful.  It is an issue of safety.  It is an issue of protecting the defenseless from those who would warp and break them; those that would spitefully use them to fulfill their own warped cravings.

Christian News continues:

“Waiting for the courts is a gamble with huge stakes,” he said. “If we wait for the courts to act, we could end up with a broad ruling that could forbid any kind of membership standard, including our foundational belief in our duty to God and our focus on serving the specific needs of boys.”

Basically, BSA is going to fundamentally change.  They will look the same, but they no longer will be an organization that is safe for your sons.  They have decided that their existence is more important than the safety of their underage members.  It would have been better had the organization died a slow painful financial death, which, after this decision, it likely will.


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