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God Does not need a Majority to Prevail

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Published on: May 23, 2015

God does not need a majority to prevail, but rather a minority. If you look at men of God in the Bible, many of them stood alone, but God did big and mighty things through them. Here are some of those people.

Did God need a big majority to go the face of Pharaoh and tell him to let My people go? No! God sent Moses and his brother Aaron and He helped them to go face Pharaoh. Although it took lots of judgments upon Egypt, the Israelites were finally set free. Read the book of Exodus.

You have probably heard of the story in the Bible about David and Goliath. Neither Saul nor his army would fight the Philistines because of the giant Goliath. But this little shepherd boy named David, who was but a youth came up to him and said, “Who is this man to defy the armies of the living God?”

David had already killed a lion and a bear, but when he told them this, nobody believed him. His brothers especially didn’t believe that this shepherd boy could take on a giant. But even the most unlikely or outmatched with God on his side, can even take down a giant. And that’s exactly what he did. How could David do this? God was on his side and gave him the strength to deal with his enemies. Scripture tells us that with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). Was David the majority or a minority as one man? Read the book of 1 Samuel.

Remember Gideon when he had 3,000 men in his army to defeat the enemy? God was with Gideon, and wanted His people to know that the victory was not because of anything they did (because of their many numbers), but because God gave them the victory. So God had Gideon dwindle down his men to only 300 men and they won. Why? Because again, when God is on your side, nothing is impossible! Read the book of Judges.

Sometimes people will say, “What can I do I am just one person?” Look at these men and women in The Bible that changed everything because God was on their side. If God be for us who can be against us?

If we ask God’s for forgiveness for everything that is happening today in America and come together, we will bring back this nation to what is was founded upon, God and Bible.

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