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Breitbart Reported Information Sons of Liberty Readers Received Last Week – New Study Confirmed All SOL Reported

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Published on: April 14, 2020

Breitbart News, once on the cutting edge of alternative media, is now well, falling behind the curve to sites like The Sons of Liberty Media in reports on coronavirus/COVID-19, and YouTube sites such as Richie from Boston, Lisa Haven News, Justus Knight, and Restricted Republic.  Why can that be said?  Yesterday, Breitbart News reported on a study reported by Economist magazine that indicated the coronavirus mortality rate is similar to that of influenza at 0.1%.

On April 2, 2020, The Sons of Liberty Media published one of this writer’s articles that indicated Anthony S. Fauci, MD, wrote in The New England Journal of Medicine, carried on March 26, 2020, and written February 28, 2020, long before implementation of these unlawful house arrest “orders” that the coronavirus mortality rate is akin to that of influenza at 0.1%.  Moreover, The Sons of Liberty Media has presented countless radio/YouTube presentations with Tim Brown indicating what exactly the coronavirus is, an exosome, and unethically, immorally and unlawfully forcing people into social isolation is the wrong way to go.  Check it out.

The Economist reported on a study by Justin Silverman and Alex Washburne, which Breitbart News stated was published over the weekend.  The study by Silverman and Washburne was presented at on April 3, 2020, although the piece had not been peer-reviewed for accuracy.  Yet, it took Breitbart News twelve days to find it when Richie from Boston reported on Dr. Fauci’s piece at the New England Journal of Medicine a mere 2-3 days from being carried on the NEJM site, which then was reported on The Sons of Liberty Media approximately 2-3 days after that.  Moreover, Fauci and his colleagues wrote their piece in February before any draconian, totalitarian measures were implemented, which those measures were based upon the lies Fauci expressed in the media, against his own peer researched article at NEJM.

Good news is that Silverman and Washburne confirmed in early April what Fauci had written with his colleagues in February and appearing in NEJM in March.

This begs the next set of questions.  Since what Fauci wrote is confirmed as accurate, why is Fauci lying to the public and the media, regardless of his government position?  Why is Fauci still considered honorable as indicated by his being ranked 13th as publishable and respectable since he is lying to the public and the media?  His credibility is damaged.  His integrity shot.  His peers should distance themselves from him, renounce him as a fraudulent “scientist” for publicly proclaiming false data while presenting the scientific community with accurate data.

Data is accurate and factual when it meets the scientific method – Silverman and Washburne have proven that, along with those of us who can do simple math.  Moreover, this brings into question the credibility and integrity of the CDC when telling doctors to falsify death certificates of patients, recording coronavirus as the cause of death when death was likely caused by another disease process.  Any doctor who has done this should have their license revoked permanently.  Any hospital that goes along with all of this should have their licensure removed by the State and closed, with all administrators barred from holding positions in health care for the rest of their lives.

If you take a look at just the number of people the CDC has claimed have this coronavirus versus the number of deaths, which we know are already padded, the mortality rate is higher than the run of the mill influenza.  However, these numbers do not take into account the number of people who have already had this strain and recovered, those who have the strain but not been in contact with any health care professional because they believe to be suffering from the cold or regular “flu”, nor does it take into account false positive or false negative tests.  Also, since the “cold” and “flu” viruses are also coronaviruses, how many individuals are being counted as having the COVID-19 virus when it is something else?  To get accurate mortality numbers, you have to take the total number of people infected, which would include those indicated above, and divide by the total number of deaths – actual, not padded as CDC has unlawfully instructed physicians to do.  Moreover, falsifying a medical record, which is a legal document, is a violation of the law.  Although, lawyers and government representatives are loathe to hold anyone accountable for falsifying death records or legal documents, unless you are a nurse or layperson.

And, did you know that the people of the State of Ohio began protests 4 days ago and continued yesterday against Governor DeWine and his draconian unlawful orders?  It was even covered live on YouTube by a channel that now appears to have been “buried”.

The takeaway from all of this is – alternative media is beginning to lag behind in some areas of information discovery while the alternative media is gaining in its discovery of information.  Expand your resources of information.  It will pay off in the long run.

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