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YouTube: You Can Monetize Your Videos On COVID-19 If You Stick To The Government Narrative

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Published on: April 14, 2020

Although YouTube is not government, they are clearly violating the law as a previous interview I conducted with Jason Fyk will explain.  However, while YouTube promotes the official narrative of the lying, killing Center for Disease Control, which takes your money unconstitutionally, on every single video posted, the fact is that the official narrative is full of lies.  If you want your videos posted, and earn money from your hard work to expose those lies, you will only be allowed to do so if you are willing to sell your soul for 30 pieces of silver.

As I was sorting our videos this morning on YouTube, I discovered that there was a notice about monetizing videos that deal with COVID-19.

Keep in mind as you read this that YouTube is owned by Google and Google was started with your tax dollars via a Central Intelligence Agency front group that funds tons of big tech companies, many of which are dismal failures, but some are actually giants now.

According to YouTube:

Note: You may still see yellow icons on new uploads as our automated systems learn and are tuned to allow for broader monetization of COVID-19 content. If your content receives a yellow icon, yet you believe it is in line with our updated policies, please submit an appeal so our teams can review and update accordingly.

While some things might be understandable, YouTube is violating the law by hiding behind platform protection while engaging in censorship, which moves them from behind that protection, as Jason Fyk has explained.

Here’s some of the things that YouTube won’t permit:

Distressing Footage: Footage of people visibly suffering due to COVID-19, including:

  • People visibly sick in a hospital or medical care facility
  • People in distress (i.e. being forcibly removed from their location)
  • Note: Shots of hospitals or people coughing do not limit monetization, so long as they are fleeting and are to provide context to a story.

Pranks & Challenges: Any COVID-19 related prank or challenge that promotes medically dangerous activities, such as purposeful exposure to the virus or incites panic including:

  • Licking toilet seat challenge
  • Pretending to pass out in public 
  • Coughing/sneezing (or pretending to) on bystanders or food produce
  • Falsely telling your partner you have coronavirus
  • Dressing up in hazmat suits and inspecting others
  • Scaring others into thinking you are infected

While some of these things are silly and even stupid, and yes I do mean really stupid, the fact is that YouTube is not protected lawfully from censoring these videos.  So, they are doing the next best thing:  demonetizing them.

However, it’s the issue of what YouTube deems as “medical misinformation” that might just get people’s dander up and eventually result in a lawsuit.

Medical Misinformation: Content that misinforms users about health matters related to COVID-19. This includes content that encourages non-medical tests or exams for COVID-19, or false/unsubstantiated claims about the cause, promotion of dangerous remedies or cures, origin or spread of COVID-19 that contradict scientific consensus. Examples of this include: 

  • Government or governments created the virus as a bioweapon
  • Corporations created the virus
  • COVID-19 is spread via 5G technology
  • COVID-19 targets certain ethnic groups
  • Content that claims that the pandemic is a hoax, cover-up or deliberate attack

Ha!  So much for monetizing many of the radio shows we do on The Sons of Liberty!

It’s interesting how much and to what lengths YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and their accomplices in the criminal social media enterprise will go to silence the truth or debate, isn’t it?

If you want to tote the official narrative, they will reward you handsomely, which should cause you to question anyone doing that.

However, if you challenge it with facts and demonstrate what is really going on and point out the tyranny ensnaring the world due to the lies of those whose father is the devil, well, you can forget a paycheck!

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