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The Brits are Free, and the Sky is not Falling!

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Published on: June 28, 2016

The Brits now know what we felt like when we got out from under them! Last week, Great Britain had their own Independence Day. Only no blood was shed, not a single shot was fired. The people have spoken!

My amazement is that so many people on the Left are so upset. The people voted and got their way, yet the Loons are upset. I’m still trying to grasp this. Maybe if I rephrase it. The people decided they wanted to rule themselves rather than have “rulers” from another country tell them what they can and can’t do in the way of personal liberties and basic freedoms. How is that bad?

You see, the European Union (EU) is a financial nightmare! Period. Many of these countries are bankrupt. They owe more money to each other than they can ever repay and they use the EU bank as a clearing house for funny money. Greece is still in a world of hurt, right behind them is Spain and France. They all refuse to make changes to their liberal policies and programs, and they continue to have to borrow from the EU Bank because they can’t self-sustain. And it just keeps getting worse.

Then we add the refugees into the mix. The already burdened social programs of England and other countries were taxed even more when refugees started pouring in. They have to take them because of the “No Border” agreement with the EU. They have to allow people from other countries to take up residence simply. They share pensions, expenses, and I’d say profits, but there aren’t any. The EU started in the late 1960’s, and they haven’t stopped struggling since.

The thing I don’t understand is, if the Libs like this lifestyle so much, why don’t they just move to Europe? It’s already there. They already live, work, and play in the way the Libs see as Utopian! Now isn’t it a real sign of insanity when what you want is right in front of your eyes, and you don’t go to it?

The Brits were living it. They have been talking about leaving the EU for years, and no one would put it up and out for a vote. Finally, Mr. Cameron, who by the way thought this would never pass, put it out for a vote. All the polls and pundits said it will be a vote to stay.  They were wrong.

The people have had it. The people wanted to have their sovereignty back. The People wanted to rule themselves again. They want the officials they vote for to represent them and make the laws to govern them, not a bunch of Liberal Belgians drunk on candy and wine deciding what’s good for the Britain.

Libs say Brits didn’t know what they were voting for! Many “surveys” of the Brits the day after said a majority didn’t know what they were voting for. So according to the surveys, the Brits are morons. But wait! The truth is they didn’t know or don’t know what the overall effect is going to be. However, most were in agreement that they want to regain control of their country.

The Libs again do what they do best, they call people names. That’s right. Immediately after the vote when people polled said one of the main reasons for their vote to leave was because of the open borders and the mass influx of refugees that was really hurting their country, the Libs immediately yelled… you guessed it… racists! That’s all they got.

Mainstream media reported on the immediate effects of the vote. The European stock exchange plummeted 100 points. The Libs and media screamed, “See what happened, this is going to be awhile before we see some stability.” Really people? There was no immediate meltdown, as some predicted. Britain has already projected the process will take 2 years. Ups and downs are to be expected. Get a grip!

President Obama immediately came out and declared that the U.S. wants to do business with a bigger negotiating block like the EU and that the Brits would be put on the back burner. They are our closest ally! They stand behind us or next to us in almost every endeavor! Is he insane? (We know the answer.) With this president, there is not much of a difference in how he treats his friends and his enemies. Unless you’re a country that sponsors terrorism, then that’s a whole different class for him.

Back to the point. The EU stock exchange rebounded back to levels it hasn’t seen since February. Fears are already starting to calm with the exception of a group of people who want to put it out for another vote. (Isn’t that just like the Libs to keep trying to wear them down until they give in?) Countries outside the EU have already reached out to start trade agreements. The EU commission stated the UK would remain close trading partners with the EU. The French president reached out to make sure that several trade agreements they had in place would remain as is, and so much more.

Hey Libs, I guess the sky isn’t falling, and the Brits will get to rule themselves again! What a concept, people in charge of their own government!

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