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Operation Wildlife Rescue is Underway – Ranchers are a Huge Part of it!

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Published on: June 28, 2016

Who better to manage the land than the person who works the land for a living?

I have recently returned from spending the better part of a week in the Ruby Valley, and many of the surrounding valleys, in the Northern part of Nevada.  My goal was to examine the plight of the Nevada Rancher, and to get an idea as to how well the Federal Government, via the Bureau of Land Management, is managing the wildlife that they so aggressively protect against us evil humans.  Although I was only in Nevada for just under a week, two things became abundantly clear; the American Rancher is under attack, and has been for quite some time now, and in areas managed by the BLM the animals are either dying or have just left.  As history would indicate with Obamacare, TSA, disaster relief etc., anytime the Federal Government gets involved in a project the level of service goes way down and the prices skyrocket.  The situation with the BLM in the Western United States is no different, as the mismanagement has reached epic proportions.

The Wildlife is Suffering from Mismanagement

As I began this project, the name that I planned on using was, “Operation Rancher Rescue.”  However, as I continued to meet with one rancher after another I quickly realized that it is the wildlife that needs to be rescued; as the rancher just needs to be left alone by the Feds to manage the land as they have for generations.  The concept that someone who studied at a university, someone who has likely not even visited the many valleys in Central and Northern Nevada, can make a decision that better suits the land and wildlife than the rancher who spends 6 days a week on the same land is ludicrous.  The evidence is pretty clear… the Feds are just as inept at land management as they are everything else.

Dissent and Be Crushed

Many who will read this article will be familiar with the most recent cases of Ranchers standing up to the Feds and being either murdered like LaVoy Finicum, or locked up like the Bundy men and their associates.  The entire “land grab” operation being conducted by the BLM, and their surrogates, would make John Gotti proud; as the entire organization employs mafia-style tactics, including their own “code of silence;” while ranchers are being systematically eliminated from their lands without a voice.  It is time for that to change, for over the course of the next few months, and beyond, NorthWest Liberty News will be that voice.  I have already interviewed numerous ranchers who have been victimized by the Federal Government, and I have many more lined up to interview.  Please take the time to watch the first video in the series below.  The person in the video, Scott Raine, has impeccable credentials and tremendous experience.  By the time it’s over, you will get a good idea of how we are being deceived by the very government that is supposed to be looking out for us.

Article posted with permission from NorthWest Liberty News.

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